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Stinky Stockings (Holiday)


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Stinky Stockings is the holiday version of Stinky Sox! It’s a super fun holiday music game for beginning, elementary, and early intermediate students. Students toss an old holiday stocking with the Stinky Stockings cards in it around a circle while the music plays. Then, when the music stops, the student with the stocking pulls out and acts on the card. Read more details below!

Studio use license – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!

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Stinky Stockings cards include in 2 levels, divided into 5 categories (click on the pictures above to see samples) including:

  • Theory and Christmas riddles
  • Playing
  • Singing / Finish A Tune Challenge
  • Acting
  • White elephant cards
  • Bonus cards

These categories keep this Stinky Stockings game hoppin’! The fun never ends with the sound of holiday music being played while passing, white elephant cards for added surprises, and original riddles about music.

Materials needed to play Stinky Stockings

  • Stinky Stockings cards
  • Card stock paper
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Holiday music Music (play anything or simply use an iPod to play music while they pass the sock)
  • A dirty looking stocking

After you purchase the Stinky Stockings holiday music game, you will receive an email with a secure link to the resource. Instructions will be included on how to download it and all you need to do is print on card stock, laminate, add the cards to an old stocking and then play!

How to play Stinky Stockings

To play, place the Stinky Stockings cards in an old, dirty looking stocking. Students sit in a circle and pass around the stocking while listening to music. When the music stops playing, the student with the stocking pulls out a card and follows the instructions. Most cards include guessing games in which all players in the circle get to participate!

8 reviews for Stinky Stockings (Holiday)

  1. Robin Steinweg

    My group class just played Stinky Stockings and begged to keep playing after they ate their pizza. We also played “This or That” as an ice breaker, and it was a hit. Thank you, Wendy Stevens! The prep was so easy with these games.

  2. Liz Murray

    My students loved playing your Stinky Stocking game especially the acting component! It was a lot of fun and It’s perfect for small groups and an end of year recap. Thank you so much!!! 🎶🌈🌹

  3. Kristin Dunn

    I used the Stinky Stockings game and the cup tapping We Wish You A Merry Christmas at my Christmas party/recital, and both were a hit! Thanks so much!

  4. Marian Kaser

    The kids loved the game and said they want to play it again next year!!!

  5. Beverly Price

    We played Stinky Stockings (Students loved it!) and also tapped rhythm cups to Deck the Halls during our 2018 Christmas Camp. Appreciate all the great resources, Wendy!

  6. Ellen DeJong

    We used it in all our groups before Christmas and found it to be lots of fun. We’ll use it again next year.

  7. Liz Murray

    My students loved playing your Stinky Stocking game especially the acting component! It was a lot of fun and It’s perfect for small groups and an end of year recap or an all year round activity. Your materials are fantastic and encourage participation. I noticed the confidence grow within each of my students. I had just as much fun as they did! Thank you so much!!! 🎶🌈🌹

  8. Esther Ling

    I just had a Christmas Performance Workshop group lesson for my six students, and we played this game as an ice breaker game. They loved it! They didn’t want to stop! It was so much fun to watch the kids come together for the first time, and interact with one another. They absolutely loved the “acting” tasks and “finish a tune” challenge. Highly recommended for group lessons!

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