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Basketball Sketch-a-Play Intervals Game


This Basketball Interval Game will especially appeal to your sports-loving students! This make-a-play, get off the bench, and race your teacher or teammates kind of game is great for injecting energy into a piano lesson. See details below.

Basketball intervals game - Buzzer beater - sports piano music by Wendy Stevens from ComposeCreate.comDon’t forget to capture the excitement of basketball with Buzzer Beater, a popular piano solo that is now on the NFMC list!

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Practice writing or playing intervals from 2nds to 8ths in this basketball interval game.

How to play the Basketball Interval Game

To play, simply laminate the Basketball Sketch-a-Play sheet (or use it on your ipad) and ask the student to sketch out a play using intervals. After the student has sketched out his play (by choosing intervals on the game board and drawing arrows to plan execution, it’s a race against the clock! The student races to their instrument to play the intervals in the correct order. The student can also draw intervals in the correct order on a white board, iPad or staff paper.

Theory concepts covered in this Basketball Interval Game

  • Drawing intervals
  • Playing intervals on the piano or your instrument

Materials needed

  • Basketball Intervals Game Board
  • Laminator
  • Dry Erase markers and eraser
  • Instrument or staff paper

Detailed instructions are included along with variations to make it even more exciting.


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