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Holiday Recital Program Package – 2017


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This holiday recital program package is elegantly designed with only natural elements (we purposely avoided artificial elements for less commercialism) for a refreshingly professional recital program!

This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you have for your students you directly teach!


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There’s something magical about the holiday and Christmas. But no other holiday is as a commercialized or “clip-arty” as Christmas! Images of presents and santas and decorations and other commercialized things are everywhere!

So we wanted to design an editable holiday recital program package that is naturally beautiful. A design that that gently breathes life into the holiday and remind all of us that there’s a natural beauty to winter and the holiday season. We wanted to design something that is classy, elegant, and above all, professional. Something that makes you look not only like a professional music teacher, but also a professional designer.

We designed this holiday recital program package so that you too might experience what one teacher experienced when she used the spring recital templates:

A few sweet ladies who arrived, took a program wanted to know where to purchase admission for the recital because the programs looked so professional! I am not kidding. So many positive comments about the programs! Thank you for this beautiful and easy-to-use resource!

More Than 14 Pages of Professional Designs!

This complete holiday recital program template package comes with:

  • Vertical program
  • Vertical program back side – You can fit even more pieces and students!
  • Horizontal foldable program – If you have lots of students, you’ll want to use this one.
  • Every single page is professionally designed.
  • Recital poster
  • Recital invitations (just like the poster only smaller and 4 on a page)
  • Compliment cards – These are beautiful snowflakes made from only natural things found in winter
  • Professional design – You won’t find this design anywhere else.

You’ll definitely want these in full color, but just in case your color cartridge is out on your printer, we’ve included both:

  • Color version of every page
  • Black and white version of every page

The Holiday Recital Program Package is Editable

Yes, wherever you would enter student, piece, or location specific information, the pages on the summer recital program templates are editable! You’ll get all 3 kinds of files to work with whatever you computer you have:

  • PDF Files (Edit the text of the programs with Adobe Reader. Any computer can use Adobe.)
  • Pages Files (This is the word processing program for Mac computers. This version will be more editable than the PDF as you can change font sizes, etc.)
  • Word Files (This is the word procession program for PC computers.This version will be more editable than the PDF as you can change font sizes, etc.)

Even the Title is Editable!

So many of you have loved it when we made the title editable. So we made it this way in the holiday recital program package as well! That means that you can call this the Holiday Recital, the Christmas festival, the Holiday Dance Recital, or anything you want!

The Recital Program Package Line from ComposeCreate

No other recital program package gives you so many different file types or gives you both the vertical and horizontal options in one complete package. This elegant design can only be found here on ComposeCreate.com. You can also browse the Spring Recital Program Template Package and the Summer Recital Program Template Package and the refreshing Autumn Recital Program Package.

42 reviews for Holiday Recital Program Package – 2017

  1. Christy

    These are AWESOME! I used the vertical template in Word. It was so beautiful and so easy to modify for my studio. The idea of the compliment cards is incredible. Everyone loved them, because they could give the kids feedback even if they didn’t know them. What a huge boost for my students! I almost didn’t get this package because I have a form that I have used for the last several years and it has been well-received. But parents even commented on how lovely this was. I always print my programs in color – these were easy to do. Thank you, Wendy, for making them available to us.

    Christy Kimball

  2. Brent Edwards

    I purchased this for my Christmas recital this year. My programs turned out great! Very easy to use and edit. This saved me a lot of time and it was well worth the money spent! Thanks, Wendy!

  3. Amber White

    I had several parents comment on how professional and lovely the programs were!

    They were so easy to use!

  4. Erin

    I often have trouble finding mac-friendly templates, and these were great! I saved so much time getting ready for our holiday concert. I had the families fill out the compliment cards that are included, and reading them brought me to tears with how supportive the students and families are of each other. What a great idea. Thanks for making a hectic time of year a little less hectic!

  5. Kristin Humbard

    My programs looked beautiful and it was easy to edit. Thanks Wendy!

  6. Keri Salustri

    I purchased this for my school’s Christmas concert (Catholic School) and it came out great!! It was so easy to use!! I’m so grateful that I didn’t have to “reinvent the wheel” which made just plugging in my info so quick and easy. It allowed me to make a beautiful program quickly and focus on the music and other logistics. Wendy, please make a new one each year!!😉 I got a lot of compliments on the program!!

  7. Penny

    These templates are a wonderful resource for creating a great looking recital program! I used the compliment cards for the first time. They were a bit hit with students and parents!

  8. Dorothy

    I usually buy Christmas letters and put the program on those. But I had bought the spring and the fall programs and absolutely loved how easy it is to get everything lined up. I spent at least as much on the Christmas letter sheets and had no help with aligning everything and had no choices such as the poster, programs, etc. This is a wonderful idea and I am so glad to have it. I also used the vertical sheet in color to give cash Christmas gifts to grandchildren! In the wreath I typed “Christmas Gift” and under (where your piano program would be) I said what it was for and who it was from. I LOVED IT. Was much better than a gift card because it let them know what I hoped they would use it for but they had the option of anyplace they wanted to use it!

  9. Christina

    My recital programs turned out lovely, thanks to this template! Even got compliments from parents on it out of the blue! Very easy to use, very versatile and so professional looking. Thanks Wendy!

  10. Elizabeth callahan

    Very easy to use and professional looking!

  11. KD

    I used this and it was a huge time-saver! I have a black-ink-only laser printer, but printing these on nice paper made it look professional without having to send away for copies. Good for those last-minute program changes when kids get sick, etc.

    I loved having 3 program I options, since my Word suddenly acted up and I used Adobe instead! I love designing my own suites, but when I don’t have time, Wendy’s have been a hit this Spring and Winter!

  12. Helen Haynes

    I love these! I had used the same template for years, and it was so nice to see a new design! I used the vertical template in Word, too. It was easy to edit. However, I had one panic moment when it looked like I lost everything! But I found it, and everyone loved it!

    I love using the Compliment Cards. I’m going to prep the students a bit before the next recital – too many “Nice Job” comments that didn’t really mean anything. I’m going to ask them to mention one specific thing they did well.

    I wonder – do others cut the cards apart before giving them out? Some people ran out of room, wrote on the back, between others – instead of taking another sheet. I had to rewrite several.

  13. Mariam

    I used the Christmas Recital template for the first time this year. Graphics are WAY better than the ones you find in word programs. I used the horizontal word template, which worked great as I had two separate recital sessions on the same day and didn’t have to make separate programs. Saved it as a PDF and printed directly to my laser printer. Easy breezy. Thanks Wendy!

  14. Dee

    I had purchased the spring package earlier in the year, with great results, so when I saw this package, I hurried and bought it, too! It was a great choice! There were so many format choices, and the designs printed beautifully. The program content was a cinch to type in, and the whole thing looked so professional. I was proud to hand them out. I’ll be watching for more designs to come out, you can be assured.

  15. Leigh-Ann

    Used these for my recital and the word document was really easy! The black and white template was even very nice. I will purchase again!

  16. Rhonda

    I purchased these for recital this year. We have around 50 students who play each recital, and these templates are very professional, easy to edit, and save me a ton of time in getting ready. The compliment cards are a great hit too. We normally have attendance of about 250 to 300 people at our recitals. With so many kids playing, I can set up a page with 6 or 8 kids and randomly attach them to the program. All the kids get lots of compliments and our audience only has to fill out a few cards each.

    BTW, I love the spring recital too. I edit these on a mac in Word; easy as pie! I highly recommend them.

  17. Sarah

    I love that it comes with an option to make a flyer. Our Christmas recital is held at a nursing home and I was able to make a flyer for the nursing home to hang up and get the word out to their residents. The template is very easy to use as well! I just wish color printing wasn’t SO expensive. I printed in black and white on red and green paper to save costs. I also have used the Spring Recital Template and loved that one as well.

  18. Janice

    I purchased previous templates for my private studio from Compose Create and they have always looked professional. I have used the compliment cards for the same private studio events. This holiday season I did not have a private studio recital, and purchased the holiday program for my school band/choir/guitar winter program. The program came out great and for the first time I tried the compliment cards with my school students. The compliment cards turned out great and family and friends of the students wrote wonderful feedback for individual students and the group. The students were so excited to receive their compliment cards! The feedback added great discussion to our day after the concert review.

  19. Edda

    After spending way too much time trying to make my own programs, I decided to just fork over the money and buy the template package. And I am so glad that I did! It saved me so much time, was very easy to edit and customize, and looked fabulous. Thank you, Wendy! You saved me!

  20. Edda

    After spending way too much time trying to make my own programs, I decided to just fork over the money and buy the template package. And I am so glad that I did! It saved me so much time, was very easy to edit and customize, and looked fabulous. Thank you, Wendy! You saved me!

  21. Karyn Chaffin

    I used this for my Holiday Recital this year. I use the Horizontal format which is able to contain a large number of students easily. It saves me a lot of time and is very easy to use. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it with other teachers – we all need some time savers this time of year!

  22. Hope Mitchell

    Templates were very user-friendly.I would have liked the option of deleting the graphics but found a work-around. Program, in horizontal format, looked very professional.

  23. Tracey

    Very well put together! And a real time saver!! I used these templates for my school Christmas concert and they looked great!

  24. Shauna Westall

    I used the vertical template for our December recital. I normally dread creating our programs. But purchasing these templates solved both my problems—-easy to use and they look great! I received compliments on our programs for the first time ever. Thanks for this resource, Wendy!

  25. Liz

    I used the program template for my recital this year and was very pleased with how quickly I was able to add my own information. I especially liked the flyers that were included in the package! They made the event look a little more festive and professional. Thank you Wendy for such a great product!

  26. Janna

    The program template was great! It was so easy to use and really saved me time. Plus, it looked so professional! For those students and parents who like to save their programs, I’m proud that these will go in their keepsake boxes. Thanks Wendy!

  27. Marilyn

    This template made my recital prep so much easier! It was very user friendly and professional looking! I had confidence passing them out to audience members. Thank you, Wendy!

  28. Colleen

    Very easy to use and professional looking. I used it in black and white, and I will say I think the colour would have been more striking. (Maybe next year I’ll spend the money to get it printed in colour.). Even in b&w it was very successful though.

  29. Virginia

    Wendy the template was great! It helped so much in making my Christmas program look professional. I hope the same type of template is being made for spring. Thank you for all you do! Virginia

  30. Sarah Stevens

    I purchased this recital package for my winter recital this year. It was a fantastic time saver, and I had everything printed at Office Depot with my MTNA discount. So appreciate the professional look and the time you saved me this year! Thank you so much!

  31. Becky Grant

    This is the second time I have used Wendy’s templates for recital programs. They looked wonderful. My only wish is that there was some place I could add my own studio logo, since I am trying to do branding as part of my marketing program. Also, I need a little more space to add my studio name. We are a growing studio, so the recitals are sometimes more than just one teacher’s students. Lots of compliments on the artwork. And this is also the second time we tried using compliment cards. What a hit? Great idea. I used to have crossword puzzles, word find’s or dot to dot’s on the back of my recital program so the kids wouldn’t get so restless while other children performed. But this was great, because it made them pay attention to the other student’s pieces and watching them play. Thank you for these templates. I hope you continue offering this each season!

  32. Loni Spendlove

    I love the ease and professional look of these templates. I do prefer to print in black and white to save money, so my suggestion would be to make sure that the graphics are just as lovely in B&W…the pinecones from the Christmas template didn’t translate as nicely and left me scratching my head a bit.

  33. Beverly

    Absolutely gorgeous! I used these for my Christmas recital a few weeks ago, and they added an elegant and professional touch. Thanks, Wendy!!

  34. Dianne

    Using this lovely, colourful template saved me a lot of time at a very busy stage of the year, and all my families commented on how beautiful my programmes looked. It was very easy to use…. just didn’t think to check the paper-size – A4 is standard here, and I think this template might have been set up for US paper-size…. this meant that the design wasn’t quite centred when the page was folded in half. My mistake completely though and I’ll know to check next time! I needed just a little more space too to accommodate all my students’ pieces, but with a bit of cramming I made it all work. Thanks so much Wendy. I always enjoy keeping up with your ideas and music.

  35. Patsy

    I have LOVED your recital program templates. The compliment cards have been a huge hit, and I love the coordinated look of the poster, programs, compliment cards. Thank you for providing them.

  36. Glenna Muir

    I loved the program design and used it for my Winter Recital last Sunday. When opening the Mac version it did not allow me to edit. The Adobe version was limited editing. I made it work, however I was a bit frustrated with the process. Thank you, though!

  37. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Glenna,

    I’m glad you loved the program, but I’m so very sorry to hear that you weren’t able to edit the Pages document. I wish you had let me know what was happening. I’ve never not been able to help someone figure out how to make it work. So, please let me know in the future if you are having any trouble. Sometimes it’s just a little tip that makes all the difference!

  38. Christine B Pappas

    I really loved the colorful format for my holiday recital, and I thank you for that Wendy. The package was way too much for me, though. I only have three students; so the program was all that I needed really. But there was no way to order just that. Maybe you could include that option next year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  39. Emily Ihasz

    I ordered the Holiday Recital package. It was so easy! I just downloaded it and put in my information. I love the graphics! Beautiful. I got SO many complements from parents and members of the audience. Also the venue owners commented on how professional I was. I love that there is a poster and invitations. It really took care of what is always a big headache for me at recital time. Thanks!

  40. Michelle

    The layout and graphics are beautiful. Easy to edit. If it were available as a folding program, that would be great. Also, if there were certificates to edit, I would love that!

  41. Kandice Kreutner

    The whole package is really beautiful! I was short on time this year and this was the perfect solution. I figured out a way to add my logo and a few Christmas notes and signs throughout (just to make it a little more musical) and used someone’s suggestion of giving only 8 to 10 compliment cards to each family so they didn’t feel pressured to be writing and thinking the whole time. Parents, students, friends and family loved the whole package and I loved not spending 3 days designing and fitting and trying different fonts – I entered the names, pieces, teachers – sparkled it up a bit and voila! It was amazing! Thank you Wendy!

  42. Sally Licocci

    I love Wendy’s program materials. The art work is beautiful and the templates are very easy to use. I feel they are the perfect finishing touch to making my student’s recital look very professional.

  43. Pamela

    Professional looking and so easy to use! This template enabled me to focus on the music instead of spending too much time trying to do something I’m not an expert at!

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