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30 and 40 Piece Challenge – New Charts, Cards, and Checklists!

30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts, Cards, and Checklists! Last year, many of you started the 30 Piece Challenge in your studios! This idea, inspired by the brilliant pedagogue Elissa Milne, was very successful in my studio in helping my students learn much more music, become better readers and helping [...]

New, Free Snowman Interval Cards – Winter Olympic Challenge!

Scores of teachers have emailed me to tell me that they are using the Snowman flashcards for winter challenges for their students. So, I decided that for the next 3 weeks, I'm going to hold a mini Winter Olympics Competition with my elementary and some of my early intermediate students [...]

We Challenge YOU! Rhythm Challenge #2

Okay, my students really want some competition! Here's the 2nd rhythm challenge from a different part of the Rhythm Manipulations book. All you have to do is watch it, and beat this student's metronome speed. You can upload your video to YouTube then send me a link and we're on [...]

It Must Be Something When THEY Notice a Difference!

How's your 30 Piece Challenge and/or Sight-reading Challenge going? If you aren't doing either this year, you've got plenty of time to start a "Holiday Sight-reading Challenge" (whose rewards won't cost you a dime) or a truncated 30 piece starting in January (You could make it a 20 piece challenge until the [...]

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Preparing for Fall: Sight-Reading Challenge for Special Needs Adoption

Last year, we began the year with a sight-reading challenge where each student earned a quarter (could be a dime or nickel depending on your studio size) for every day that they sight0-read. I challenged the parents to match this reward and after doing this for a month, we donated [...]

Preparing for Fall 2013: A Perpetually Useful Incentive

It's time for the "preparing for fall" posts where I share what new items or ideas I will be using for my students during the year. As you know, I am an office supply junkie and August is the best and the worst time for those of us plagued with [...]

Controversial Things We Don’t Discuss: Memorizing Music

Controversial Things We Don't Discuss: Memorizing Music Okay, I've been thinking and wrestling with a controversial idea about memorizing music for years now and have decided that I'm just going to have to confess what I decided. Now I know that I may risk harsh criticism from some, but I'm [...]

My 2013 Teaching Aid Discovery

It seems like every year I discover some kind of amazing new teaching tool. Last year it was the Eggspert. The year before that it was the erasable highlighters that really work! As you know, I am an office-supply junkie and love to browse to see what's new. Since Frixion made such [...]

Studio Challenge: Six Seasonal Songs to Share

6 Seasonal Songs to Share Every Christmas break, I find myself retroactively wishing that my piano students would have: Learned more Christmas pieces Played more Christmas pieces for family, friends, and people in general Solution: Six Seasonal Songs to Share So this year, I decided I would be pro-active and challenge [...]

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