Masterclass on Drastic Measures with Fred Karpoff

entrada_logoFred Karpoff, piano technique expert and creator of Entrada Piano Technique, is giving a masterclass on Wednesday October 21, 2015
12:00 – 1:00 PM EST that will be featuring my piece Drastic Measures, one of the most popular intermediate pieces on the ComposeCreate blog! I’m sure he’ll be demonstrating how to play the piece with greater ease and artistry. I can’t wait.

entrada3The webinar (along with all his webinars) is free to Entrada Plus members and you can learn more about membership on the Entrada Piano site.

You can learn more about this popular piece on the Drastic Measures page or order below!

Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures SquareThis contemporary sounding piece is a blast for young and old intermediate students and will certainly be a crowd pleaser at this year’s recital! This piece is, well, drastic! And the nervous energy will keep audience members excited and engaged throughout the piece.

After its debut, all my intermediate students were begging me to play this new piece by their teenage friend!


  • Level: Intermediate
  • Pages: 6 pages, 4 pages of music, cover included!
  • Style: Pop, contemporary, energetic
  • Format: PDF instant download

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This piece is definitely worth the studio license!
David Love, Independent Piano Teacher and Joytunes Representative
We love, love, love Drastic Measures!
Karen Bartlett, Private Piano Teacher