40 Piece Challenge

40 piece challengeAre you one of the many teachers that is motivating their students with the amazing 30 or 40 piece challenge? If you don’t know anything about it or haven’t tried it yet, stop everything and consider the benefits that teachers from around the world are reporting:

  • Better sight reading skills
  • Exposure to more styles of music
  • A better “sense” of accomplishment for the student
  • Overall faster progress
  • More teacher satisfaction, knowing you are motivating students with music

Everything We Want in an Incentive Program

It might sound too good to be true, but that’s just what it does. It’s everything we really want! The idea is that you challenge your students to learn and polish 30 or 40 pieces during the year. These can be recital pieces, holiday pieces, pieces for the school talent show, hymn arrangements, method book pieces (as long as they are 16 measures…that’s my rule), or any piece they have to read!

Can My Piano Students Do It?

If you are worried that they can’t possibly get through that many pieces, remember that the key is that you give them not only challenging pieces, and pieces at their level, but also pieces that area easier than their level so that they get through a lot of literature and you can expose them to many styles of music. ALL of this reading of music results in better readers and really gives a sense of accomplishment to students which is paramount especially in the school age years (stay tune for more on attending a “Have You Forgotten What It’s Like to be a Child” workshop!).

The resources you can download by pressing the button include:

  • More links to how to implement the program
  • 3 sets of 30 piece challenge charts
  • 3 sets of 40 piece challenge charts
  • A few ideas on incentives

Download the Free 30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts

Download the charts, read what Elissa Milne has to say about how to get started (she invented it), and let me know what you think! Download the charts by pressing the button and then entering your email and pressing the button to have them sent to your inbox!

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