Did you know that the first things that sold on my website were games? Yes, about 14 or 15 years ago, I started selling Stinky Sox, Affirm-a-term, and Fishy Flashcards on www.wendyspianostudio.com. Little did I know how my life would be changing in the next 15 years!

But even though composing music, composition, and rhythm resources for students is more “my thing” now, I still absolutely love to create games and flashcards.

Who Doesn’t Love Penguins?

Penguine Match LeadpageI dare you to find someone who won’t love these adorable penguins! They are FREE to download for a limited time, so download right away!

Here are a few ways you can use them:

  • 60 Second Club – Challenge students to match all the penguins in 60 seconds or less. If you have students who only know part of the notes, then make a 30 second club for half the cards or a 20 second club for fewer.
  • Manipulate the Penguins – Kids learn best when they are moving things around, so why not give them something 3D in addition to these cards? Get 2 sets of these colored penguins. Give the student 6 of the cards showing notes on the staff, place a different colored penguin on each one, and ask the student to place the same colored penguin that is on the card on the correct note of the keyboard.
  • Beat Your Time – Give the sets of cards that you want to review to the student and time them on how long it takes them to match the cards. Do it again and see if they can beat that time. Do it the next week and have them beat it again. Tell them to challenge their mom or dad if they had lessons as a child (yes, you can make copies for your students to use at home).

Download the Penguins Here!

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