Football Guys Note Reading Game

Football Guys Note Reading Game So much excitement surrounds the American football season, so it makes perfect sense that you can use this to energize your piano students! A few years ago, we created Football Music Flashcards that stand up between the piano keys. Asking the student to place [...]

NEW! Music Flip Flop Flashcards

Music Flip Flop Flashcards - Download FREE for now! Your students are going to love these new music flip flop flashcards! There are so many ways you can use them to teach your students note names, white key names, and more! These music flip flop flashcards are FREE (for now), but [...]

New Music Valentines – Free!

New Music Valentines! I have a new gift for you as part of the ComposeCreate community! I hired an artist to create these beautiful Music Valentines for you to use with your music and piano students. I love how they look and I think you will too. Just click here to download or [...]

FREE Monkey Music Theory Games for Elementary Students

FREE Monkey Music Theory Games Music theory games are useful because they give students a way to concretely understand an abstract concept. Kids love monkeys! So they are definitely going to like any music theory game with a monkey in it! Download the FREE printable flashcards here and read at all the [...]

4 Reasons Why Animals Help in Teaching Music Tempo and Articulation

4 Reasons Why Animals Help in Teaching Music Tempo and Articulation Recently, I gave the new "Have You Forgotten What It's Like to be a Child?" presentation in Oklahoma City. [I'm also giving it at MTNA, so please come if you'll be there!] I was so excited with how energized [...]

Valentine Music Games for Piano Lessons

Valentine Music Games for Piano Lessons and the Music Classroom Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I've been having fun brainstorming games to play with piano students. Most of these Valentine music games will work with piano students, flute students, violin or string students, and some even in the [...]

The Forgotten Step In Teaching Students to Write Good Melodies

What is the forgotten step in teaching students to write good melodies? It's one that any piano teacher (even ones who don't compose) can do with their students.

FREE New Penguin Flashcards!

These adorable penguin matching cards are only available FREE for a limited time! Use them with Japanese penguin erasers for even more fun!

Free Valentine Music Notes!

Sometimes I get distracted from what I should be doing. But this week, when I got distracted, it resulted in something FREE for you! Free Valentine Music Note Cards I received this email the other day from Leigh Stringfield, a private piano teacher: "I was wondering if you have [...]