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music flip flop flashcards

Your students are going to love these new music flip flop flashcards! There are so many ways you can use them to teach your students note names, white key names, and more!

These music flip flop flashcards are FREE (for now), but we might be putting them in the store for sale at some point, so be sure and download them today while they are free!

Get the Music Flip Flop Flashcards here:

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But don’t just use them like regular music flashcards!

But these are not just music flashcards! We all know the problem with those. Many students can name a note on the flashcard but don’t know where it is on the piano, which means they really aren’t doing much good. But just as with the Football Music Flashcards, the “stand up feature” fixes this problem!

One flip flop is not much good to anyone, so we’ve made pairs of flip flops so that you can use these at the piano AND away from the piano!

Here are some of the ways that you can use these music flip flop flashcards:

Names of notes on staff:

  • Match the music pairs of flip flops

    All the left music flip flop flashcards are pictures of notes on the staff. All the right music flip flop flashcards are pictures of letter names. So you can use these away from the piano by asking your student to match the left flip flop with the right flip flop. Time your students so that they can work to beat their time or their friend’s time!

  • Music flip flop flashcardsStand up flip flops on your piano!

    Give the student only the left music flip flop flashcards (the ones with the notes on the staff). Then, ask them to stand them up beside (to the right) of the correct white notes on the piano. Time the student so that they can try to beat their time the next time they play.

  • Challenge – note names

    Line students up behind a table with a call bell sitting in front of them. Two students stand in front of the call bell with their hands behind their backs. Show a card with a picture of a note on staff and the student who rings the bell first and answers correctly right away get to keep the card

  • Challenge – note locations (this is a much better use than just naming notes)

    This challenge is even better because when you show the student the card, the students have to race to the piano to actually play the correct note. This means that you will be able to see if they really understand where the note is on the piano.

music flip flop flashcardsNames of white keys:

  • Stand up flip flops on your piano

    Give the student only the right music flip flop flashcards (the ones with the letter names). Then, ask them to stand them up beside (to the right) of the correct white notes on the piano. Time the student so that they can try to beat their time the next time they play.

  • Walk on your piano keys

    Kids will love that they can walk on your piano if you have a little flip flop. (Unfortunately, the ones in the picture are no longer available on Amazon. I don’t recommend buying the super cheap ones as it does seem like they curl up and don’t sit flat. But that may be the only ones available right now. I’ll update this post if I come across some new ones. OR please leave a comment if you have found some that work!)

    1. Put 2 different colored flip flops at the top of your piano.
    2. Mix up the right music flip flop flashcards (the ones with the letter names) and put them in a drawing pile.
    3. Take turns drawing a flip flop. Then advance your flip flop to the next closest letter name that you draw (always going down).
    4. The person to the bottom of the piano first wins! See picture below!

music flip flop flashcards

Big Group? No Problem. Use these staves!

music flip flop flashcards - no shoes piece goes right with it!If you are doing group lessons and you don’t have enough pianos, then just use the free music staves! Then, give your students some object (like a flip flop or candy) to place on the white keys that match the flashcards that they draw. Have contests to see which students can match them all correctly or more quickly.

Want More Fun With Shoes?

Don’t forget to pull out your studio-licensed No Shoes piece for added fun! This piece gets into the mind of a child in the summer, lobbying for life without shoes!

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  1. Garreth Brooke June 20, 2017 at 4:00 am

    Dear Wendy, I love these flip flop cards and so do my kids! I’ve been using them a lot this week. Thank you. I invented a variation on one of your games which my kids have really enjoyed. It’s like a game of catch on the keyboard. You need the flipflop cards, a piano, and two figurines, (e.g. two Lego or Playmobile people or animals – I use a girl and a goat). The object of the game is that player 2 tries to catch player 1. You turn the flipflop cards upside-down. Player 1 takes a card, stands that card by the correct key on the piano, and places their figure on the key. Player 2 does the same. If player 2 puts their figure on the key next door to player 1 then player 1 is caught and player 2 wins. If the game ends without player 1 being caught then player 1 wins. It’s quick and fun. With my younger students I tell them that the girl figurine is trying to catch her naughty goat who has escaped, but if you had a cat and a mouse, or Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, or whatever, you could easily make up a relevant story that would make them laugh.

  2. Wendy Stevens June 20, 2017 at 11:30 am

    What a great game, Garreth! Thanks so much for sharing this. I love the idea of 2 characters that are natural enemies! Great idea!

  3. Lori Bolt June 5, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    The link for the little flip flops doesn’t work. Neither did an Amazon search

  4. Wendy Stevens June 5, 2018 at 7:10 pm

    Hi Lori,

    Yes, Amazon is no longer selling those flip flops unfortunately. I’ve tried to find a replacement, but have been unable to find ones that at least somewhat fit on the piano keys. I’ll keep looking!

  5. Debby Shahan July 1, 2018 at 11:14 am

    Thanks for the free resource. If folks would like a flip flop – it is very easy to make one with fun foam and a pipe cleaner. It’s a common Girl Scout Swap so you can google for instructions. Basics is you just cut out the shape and poke the piece of pipe cleaner through, twisting behind.

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