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New Epic Cup Tapping Patriotic Music

Cup tapping patriotic music

Yes, you read that right. Today’s the day we release cup tapping patriotic music! I haven’t been this excited about something for a while and you that I get excited a lot, so that’s saying something!

Summer Goals – Are they too big?

In the summer, we often want our students to have some kind of exciting and motivating musical experience! We try to do this through new music sometimes or camps, group lessons, or any number of other great ideas.

But all of these things take so much of our time to plan. And wouldn’t it be really nice to actually “take a break” during those weeks you get between the spring and summer semester? When we spend hours trying to find all the perfect music or the perfect summer camp, we can end up feeling exhausted and frustrated about all the work we are putting into lesson planning. Exciting music is exciting of course, so it should be a little easier to create that unique summer experience without all the over-planning!

I used to have lots of energy to do big piano camps in the summer, but even when I had the energy, I would get half-way through planning them and realize that it was soooo much more work than I ever thought. Then there was the years that I didn’t have much energy at all! So one of my goals here at ComposeCreate is to help you create that exciting experience that you crave and that will motivate your students to be better musicians at the end of the summer, not just maintain their skills for the fall.

Here’s the Epic New Piece That Lights a Fire in the Summertime!

Since the release of Rhythm Cup Explorations 1 and Rhythm Cup Explorations 2 and since the exciting performances of Holiday Rhythm Cup Explorations, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas Cups, I decided that students should have super fun cup tapping patriotic music that you could do in the summer or any time of year!

So without further ado, please watch this video. But you must watch it all! You’ll find out as it unfolds, what’s so special (and what’s never been included until now) about this new release!

Cup tapping patriotic music by Wendy Stevens

$11.99   Studio Use License (Reproducible to use with your students)

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Cup Tapping Patriotic Music – America the Beautiful

This epic cup tapping patriotic music is carefully composed with cup tapping to excite your your beginning, intermediate, and even late intermediate students about rhythm, performing, and even their country!

We wanted this to really big, so we collaborated with other musicians to create an epic sounding orchestration track too! This America the Beautiful Cup Tapping Arrangement Package comes with all of these things:

  • Intermediate piano arrangement
  • Level 1 cup tapping routine that goes with the arrangement
  • Level 2 cup tapping routine that goes with the arrangement
  • Level 3 cup tapping routine that goes with the arrangement
  • NEW: Orchestration tracks at 3 different tempos with the piano (just in case you don’t have a piano handy)
  • NEW: Orchestration tracks at 3 different tempos without the piano (because if you do have a piano,  you are going to want to play too!)

You also get bonus training videos!

I recorded 3 training videos that you can watch or you can show your piano students! That’s a nice break for you because I can teach them the techniques and you can just pause the recording and practice!

After you purchase, I’ll send you an email (make sure you use YOUR email to checkout) with information about the training videos!

You only have to buy it once…reuse for years and years of teaching!

This package comes with a Studio License that allows you to make as many prints as you need for students that you teach for your lifetime of teaching! So this year, you could do Level 1, next year you could do Level 3, and then a few years down the road you could do Level 2. Or you could do it for a summer recital, for a school program, at a mall to help advertise for lessons…the sky’s the limit!

$11.99  Studio Use License (Reproducible to use with your students)

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Want to Make It a Summer of Rhythm Cups?

Cup tapping patriotic music by Wendy Stevens + Rhythm Cup Explorations = Summer FUN!It’s really one of the easiest summer lesson plans you can have for a camp, group lessons, or even just liven up private lessons. Teach smaller segments in conjunction with the big America the Beautiful piece, have students make up their own rhythms, decorate your cups, and you’ve got an entire summer program that’s easy and inexpensive.

$39.96 $45.96  BUNDLE of RCE 1 + RCE2 + Beats for both books

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Details of the cup tapping patriotic music package

  • Level: All levels. Piano music is mid intermediate. Cup tapping includes 3 levels – elementary, early intermediate, and late intermediate
  • Pages: 15 pages, 3 pages of piano music, 9 pages of rhythm cup tapping routines, cover included!
  • Extras: 6 mp3 tracks! 3 orchestration + piano; 3 orchestration tracks created by IMMusic
  • Style: Epic, big, grand, and patriotic!
  • Format: PDF instant download + mp3s

You might wonder…

Do we need to perform all 3 levels at once?

No, please don’t! The individual levels were created to carefully enhance the piano arrangement, so they should be attempted as individual performances with the piano and orchestration. However, if you want to be adventurous, you could certainly try a performance with all 3 (you can see it’s pretty good in the video, even though it was intended that way), BUT you must use a different sized cup for each level. This is important to keep the timbres different so it doesn’t sound like cup tapping cacophony since the rhythms are slightly different.

Be the first to review this piece!

Please leave a comment in the comment section or leave a link to the video of your student playing the cup tapping patriotic music!

What is a studio license of America the Beautiful Cup Tapping Arrangement?

Studio License – When you purchase this cup tapping patriotic music package, you will receive a PDF and are permitted to print the piano music or the rhythm cup tapping pages for use with students you directly teach for as long as you are teaching! You will also receive mp3s in the form of a ZIP file and you can send your students one of these mp3s with which to practice at a time, but cannot send the entire set at a time.  This cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. See terms and conditions for full information.

~ Thank you for complying with U. S. copyright laws!

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  1. Priscilla Moffett May 16, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    Wendy ! AWESOME!! Like like love this arrangement and your energy.

    “We” (my students are all 5 th graders )
    designing a summer performance program – mostly patriotic-
    Possibly for an Alzheimer’s care center and a retirement home or two!
    Are you going to Houston? I missed your presentation last year

  2. Wendy Stevens May 17, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Yay! That sounds like a great place to perform this song, Pris!

    I’ll be at TMTA in Dallas this year. Will you be there?

  3. Judy Harrison May 18, 2017 at 2:13 pm

    Wendy, WOW!!! I have enough to do, but I’ve GOT to have this, especially because this would be great for the Sunday before July 4 in my little church which is open to all sorts of interesting things in our services.

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