Football Guys Note Reading Game

Football Guys Note Reading Game

So much excitement surrounds the American football season, so it makes perfect sense that you can use this to energize your piano students!

Football Fever Music Flashcards from

A few years ago, we created Football Music Flashcards that stand up between the piano keys. Asking the student to place the card next to the correct key gives a whole new insight into whether students are really learning the location of the note or just the name. So this was the beginning of a whole set of flashcard fun and we’ve created quite a few more since then (see flip flop flashcards, soccer flashcards, winter sports flashcards)!

After we released these, Julie Duda who owns the Julie Duda Music Studio, sent me a picture of several of her students having a fun time with the flashcards. She also sent a picture of a game she adapted and named the Football Guys Note Reading Game. Her students were having so much fun and she told me,

This has a game changer with especially my sport loving students to keep them involved in piano as well as their sports!”

I thought her adapted game looked like tons of fun and you can easily get all the extra supplies on Amazon. So I asked Julie if she’d explain how the game works. Here are her directions:

How to play Football Guys Note Reading Game:

Number of Players:

2  (see variations for more than 2 players)


Lay down the “field”, set up the goal posts and shuffle & stack the Football Flash Cards. Place them in the middle of the field

Football Guys Note Reading Game |

To Play:

  • Each player selects their “football guy” and they line up on the opposing goal lines.
  • Players take turns drawing a Football Flash Card. If they name the note correctly, their “football guy” moves up 10 yards. Miss it? “Football Guy” must move back 10 yards.
  • Winner is the first player to cross the opposite goal line!

Game Variations:

  • You can also play the game with multiple players and additional “Football Guys”. Form “teams” and the 1st team to have all of their “football guys” (the whole team!) cross the opposing goal line wins!
  • You can make a LONGER game by utilizing the 5 yard lines!
  • For students who only know white keys and do not know notes on the staff, use the football flashcards with the letter name on them and have them put a separate guy on the correct key when they draw the card. You can get a free pictured keyboard here. See picture below.

Football Guys Note Reading Game

This Football Guys Note Reading Game is super simple and I think your students who love games are going to love this one! You can get the Kasky Kids Football supplies here (this is an affiliate link, but your price doesn’t change!). And if you have young kiddos or grandchildren, this is a great set to have for pretend play.

If you like or use this game, please comment and tell Julie! She is so lovely to share the idea and excitement!