Football Music Flashcards – Download FREE!

Free American Football Music Flashcards!

In celebration of the release of the new Football Fever piano piece, I wanted to give you some football music flashcards that you can use, especially now as the Super Bowl is coming up!

Football Music Flashcards from But these are not just music flashcards! We all know the disconnect with those. Many students can name a note on the flashcard but don’t know where it is on the piano. These Football Music Flashcards fix that!

White Keys AND Notes on the Staff

This free download comes with:

  • A-G Letter Names – to help your students learning white keys
  • Notes on the Staff – to help students learn from the C two octaves below middle C to the C two octaves above.
  • Red AND blue helmet colors – New in 2019!

Watch the video below to learn how to play. Then download by clicking the button below the video.

Use This Football Piece for Extra Motivation

sports piano musicIf your piano students love American football, I’m almost sure they’ll love this piece! The energy, competition, and excitement of football game are carefully packaged in this motivating piece for early intermediate students: Football Fever!

If You Teach Flute, Violin, or Other Instruments…

Of course, you can’t exactly insert these cards on your instrument. Instead, you can ask the student to play the note in addition to or instead of naming it.

Send a Set Home With Students!

Yes, you can even send a set of these home with your students. Just print them off and have them cut them if you don’t want to. Then ask them to surprise you the next week with how fast they are!

How to Fold Your Paper Football

If you watched to the end of the first video, you saw the extra fun little “field goal” attempt that students can do. Well, here’s how to fold that paper football in just a few minutes:

Download Here

All you need to do is click on the button below!