New 2017 Music Valentines!

I have a new gift for you as part of the ComposeCreate community! You may have used the other Valentine Music Notes to give to your students as valentines or to use as a game. But, you can’t keep giving them the same music valentines year after year, right?

Well, I hired an artist to create some new 2017 Music Valentines for you to use with your music and piano students. I love how they look and I think you will too.

 Download these free music valentines for piano teachers and music teachers! | #music #valentine #valentines #piano #pianoteaching

Download Music Valentines Here!

How can I use these Music Valentines?

You can use these Music Valentines in many ways, but here are the most popular:

  1. As valentines to give to your students
    Yep, just print these off, make two cuts and then you have a lovely little music valentine for them. Attach it to a bag of candy if you want and they’ll be tickled pink (or green or purple or orange) to figure out the mystery message.
  2. One minute race
    Flash the “lovely mystery messages” in front of your student and see how many they can correctly name in one minute.’
  3. Download the free music valentines from! Decorations
    Use removable ticky tack and fasten these to your walls. Your students may just wander around your studio figuring out all of the mystery messages! Put them on your door for the next few weeks too and see how many students can decode them.
  4. Mystery Message Competitions
    If you have at least 2 students (3 is better so you can mix up the competition), you can show them a card and see who names the mystery message first. The person who gets it correct can keep the card and then move to compete against the next student. Students can continue to shift so that they are always competing against someone new. (Never let the student who gets it correct stay to compete against everyone. That can get discouraging for students who are slower at naming notes.)
  5. Use a call bell
    I love using the call bell for group lessons if you are doing the competition as described above. I ask my students to stand with their hands behind their backs until they know the answer and then they reach out and ring the bell before they can answer. The bell adds a little more excitement.

Be sure to download the new 2017 Music Valentines! Leave a message in the comments to tell me what you think or how you will use it!

Download Music Valentines Here!

Now, you don’t want to miss the full post on Valentines Music Games! There are many more games that practice skills in much neglected areas such as melodic dictation, rhythmic dictation, etc. on that post.

Just for fun: Can you find the new 2017 Music Valentine that has a texting message? Leave a comment to let me know if you can find it and how you are going to use these!

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