New Big and Easy Elementary Piano Solo!

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We all want solid piano teaching music that kids want to practice. And often the key to getting them to that piano is motivating music that they love. But we all know that a good majority of elementary piano solos make beginning piano students sound like, well, a beginner. This is often embarrassing to students when they are hearing other students their age play more exciting music. And these kinds of pieces are certainly not motivating to practice!

I know what it’s like to try to motivate a 9 year old piano student to practice Hot Cross Buns. Not easy at all. But I’ve come to realize that we don’t have to settle for teaching boring pieces to beginners! There should be elementary music that makes kids sound amazing! And now there is!

The most popular piece on ComposeCreate store has been The Bold Escape and it’s popular for just that reason: it makes beginning students sound amazing but with solid pedagogy behind it.

The New Easy Elementary Piano Solo

A Royal Invitation is the newest big, bold, and impressive elementary piano solo. You might wonder, how does this piece accomplish this big impressive sound while still being easy enough for an elementary student to play? Here are some of the ways:

  • It uses the pedal through the piece!
  • Though it uses the pedal, it is not pentatonic, so there is suspense created like a story.
  • It uses the entire piano.
  • It employs easy to play patterns.
  • The main parts are all in “C position.”
  • It uses an interesting scale!

It’s amazing how powerfully motivating a big, impressive piece can be for an elementary student!

Watch the Video:

Easy elementary piano solo

Get A Royal Invitation Here:

Easy elementary piano soloA Royal Invitation comes as a studio license which allows you to print as many high quality prints as you ever need to use with students you directly teach! It’s like getting an unlimited supply of a “pupil saver” for less than the price of a pizza. You’ll get your private link to the high quality PDF (it also comes with the cover) in your email within minutes of ordering!

$9.99   Studio Use License (Reproducible to use with your students)

Bundle 2 Big and Easy Solos and Save!

A Royal Invitation and The Bold Escape - 2 grand sounding but easy to play piano pieces for elementary students | both the big and easy elementary piano solo A Royal Invitation and our most popular elementary big and easy piece, The Bold Escape together for even more savings!

$18.98  $16.98 Studio Use License

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We rarely have sales since studio licenses are such a deal, so this is the perfect (and maybe only) time to get this piece and The Bold Escape at a reduced price!
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Details of the new big and easy elementary piano solo!

  • Level: Early to Mid Elementary
  • Pages: 5 pages, 3 pages of music, cover included!
  • Style: Grand and Bold
  • Format: PDF instant download

Here what are teachers say about this piece:

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What is a studio license?

Studio License – When you purchase the digital studio license, you will receive a PDF and are permitted to print this piece for use with students you directly teach for as long as you are teaching! This cannot be shared with or transferred other teachers, even within the same studio. See terms and conditions for full information.

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