Free Alto Clef Valentine Music Notes

Alto Clef Valentine Music Notes for viola students and string teachers. Note naming for alto clef. #musiced |

I’ve had several requests for Alto Clef Valentine Music Notes lately and I know it’s because there have been a number of new string, wind, percussion and classroom teachers coming to the ComposeCreate blog. I know that Rhythm Cup Explorations has drawn many of you in and want to start providing more resources for you!

Here is a new resources that many of you string and classroom teachers have asked for! Please tell your colleagues about these new alto clef valentine music notes! The more teachers that use these, the more I know to make more of these alto clef resources!

Alto Clef Valentine Music Notes

Just as many piano and other instrumental teachers are using the bass clef and treble clef Valentines, you can use these Alto Clef Valentine Music Notes to:

  • Decorate your classroom or studio
  • Give as valentines to your music students
  • Help your students to learn notes names every week till Valentine’s Day
  • Play Challenge! at group lessons or in class by placing a call bell between 2 students and the first person who rings the bell and answers immediately gets the card for their team.

Need More Valentine Music Game Ideas?

Look no further than this post: Valentine Music Games. Yes, it references piano lessons a number of times, but if there is one thing I know about string and classroom music teachers, it’s that you all are wonderful at adapting these to your instruments!

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