//Bundle: Vivaldi Recital Programs + Certificates

Bundle: Vivaldi Recital Programs + Certificates

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This Vivaldi Bundle contains the editable Vivaldi Spring Recital Program Package plus the Vivaldi Certificates, giving you a professional design for your entire program!


Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you ever have with students you directly teach!

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This Vivaldi bundle pairs the beautiful Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package with a matching set of Certificates. This design was created by an artist to help you look like the professional that you are. But you don’t have to waste time creating a beautiful, artistic design because it’s already been done for you!

Parents will love seeing that you care about every detail of their child’s education…including the recital programs and matching certificates.

What’s unique about this bundle?

This Vivaldi Bundle of program templates and certificates is the finest you will find. We take great care to make sure that these are designed specifically for an artist and not just by putting various vector graphics on a page. In addition, the details and these features speak volumes about the quality of this Vivaldi bundle:

  • All text is editable. So you can use this for a Dance Recital, Concert Program, Piano Recital, Spring Program and more. Call it anything you like because all text is editable.
  • Both horizontal foldable programs and vertical programs included. Though you’ll probably only use one design, we want you to have everything you need.
  • Lots of space for lots of students.
    The vertical template contains space on both the front and the back for a lot of students. You can leave spaces between students or just stack them one after the other to add even more students.
    The horizontal design innately comes with the ability to add more students since there are 3 pages of text. But again, you can always change the size of the text or line spacing to add even more students or pieces.
  • Poster + Invitations included!
  • Recital Compliment Cards are a cut above (literally). The recital compliment exchange continues to be raved about among teachers who use it. These cards in this design look like a beautiful spring image is cut from the paper. This is a great way to keep your audience listening and engaged and also encourage your students.
  • White space – If you choose to print these at home, we know you want to save ink, so our artist carefully designed this to use the white space in the design and save money on printing.

This “Vivaldi Bundle” includes:

  • Color invitation poster
  • Color 4-up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Color vertical program front
  • Color vertical program back
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Color compliment cards
  • Color horizontal certificate
  • Color vertical certificate
  • Black and white invitation poster
  • Black and white 4-0up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Black and white vertical program front
  • Black and white vertical program back
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Black and white compliment cards
  • Black and white horizontal certificate
  • Black and white vertical certificate

All text is completely editable!

2019 Spring Editable Recital Program Package | ComposeCreate.com

When you purchase this Vivaldi Bundle, you’ll receive three different types of files so any computer or device should be able edit at least one of the files. The files have text boxes them in which you can type your students and their pieces. Just enter your students name and information, print, and you are set!

Here are the file types included:

  • Editable PDFs (Yes, you can edit the program text fields with only Adobe Reader which is safe and free. If you want to be able to change the text color and size, you can use the Word or Pages files which are also included.)
  • Microsoft Word files (for PC users)
  • Mac Pages files (for Mac users)
  • Note: Different version of Pages and Word may open the files differently, but all the graphics are in the file. If you do not like to use Word or Pages, then everyone can use the easily editable PDF files!

How many students can I fit on the program?

Watch this video to find and out and see tips on how to make a lot of students work!


“Wow.” Get ready for parents to be impressed.

These days, your “image” as a teacher involves more than just how you teach the student. In a world where the emphasis is visual (especially for parents in their 20s, 30s, and 40s…think Instagram and Facebook!), you will definitely look professional when you use a professional design. And whether it’s fair or not, parents often do judge your level of professionalism things like recital programs.

The Vivaldi Bundle is an easy way to impress them and remind them that you are the professional. They’ll leave proud of their student and that they have chosen such a “with it” teacher.


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