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2018 Spring Editable Recital Program Package


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This Editable Recital Program Template Package will help you look like the professional you are. Since you probably don’t have time to become a professional artist in addition to being a professional teacher, we created this easy-to-use editable recital program package to save you time and money. Everything you need for a professional recital is in this package!

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you ever have with students you directly teach!

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Our 2017 Spring Recital Program Package was extremely popular, so here’s a new, professional editable recital program design to help make your recital look like the professional you are.

We Improved Your Editable Recital Program Options!

This time we made some big improvements! We listened to your requests and are giving you even more features to make it even easier and more flexible. With this new editable recital program template, you get:

  • The text (even the title) on every page is editable! Yes, you can call this your Spring Recital, Spring Concert, Concert in the Park, or whatever you want to call it.
  • You get both vertical AND horizontal templates in the same package.
  • You get both a page 1 and a page 2 for the vertical template in case you need more room.
  • You get 4-up invitations that are replicas of the poster invitation so you can print and hand out paper copies if needed.
  • We created this spring template without a piano graphic so that you can use it for other instrumental recitals

The 2018 Spring Editable Recital Program Package comes with:

  • Color invitation poster
  • Color 4-0up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Color vertical program front
  • Color vertical program back
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Color compliment cards
  • Black and white invitation poster
  • Black and white 4-0up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Black and white vertical program front
  • Black and white vertical program back
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Black and white compliment cards

All text is completely editable!

We hired a professional artist to design this recital program template for all 3 formats. When you purchase this 2018 Spring Editable Recital Program Package, you get all 3 of these file formats so that you  can choose whichever is right for you!

  • 2018 Spring Editable Recital Program PackageEditable PDFs (Yes, you can edit the program text fields with only Adobe Reader which is safe and free)
  • Microsoft Word files (for PC users)
  • Mac Pages files (for Mac users)
  • Note: Different version of Pages and Word may open the files differently, but all the graphics are in the file. If you do not like to use Word or Pages, then everyone can use the easily editable PDF files!

What happens when you use a professional design?

When you use a professional editable recital program template like this one, you’ll find some subtle, but important things happen. Parents will see you as the professional you are, as they see that you care about excellence in not only teaching their children, but also design.

In addition, this recital template can save you tons of time and headache. Just enter your students name and information, print, and you are set!

34 reviews for 2018 Spring Editable Recital Program Package

  1. Sarah

    I love these Editable Recital Program Packages! They are beautiful and easy to use. Thank you!!

  2. Jeanette

    I love the ink – saving – splash – of – color 2018 Spring Recital program package. The flowers are bright and beautiful ! A stand out for this year!
    Easy to edit.

  3. Andrea

    I just used these programs and they were a hit! I used card stock to print them off on my own printer and it printed just fine! Parents commented on the beauty of the programs and said I must have spent a lot of time on this. Of course I couldn’t take the credit! I also used the comment cards for the adult audience to comment on each student. It was a great hit! I set out a colorful bag with each student’s name on them and that’s where they put their comment cards at the end of the recital. I also put candy in the bag! My students loved this of course. No messy cookies or punch afterwards. Just grab your bag and go! My parents loved this idea! Thanks for everything you do, Wendy Stevens, to make us teachers look so good!

  4. Natalie Johnson

    I absolutely LOVE using Wendy’s editable recital programs. They save me so much time because they are already formatted and beautiful! At my spring recital, I overheard one of the grandparents commenting on how beautiful my programs were:) I also used the Compliment Cards for the first time. I displayed the bland cards on a table of awards along with some pens and a large clear vase and instructed them to just drop their compliments in the vase. What a GREAT addition to our recital experience! I can’t wait to share the compliments with my students this week at their lessons.

  5. Phyllis Pan

    They look beautiful! I was also so happy that it matches my butterfly theme this semester. My recital will be coming up in a few weeks so I will let you know what the reactions will be. I just finished typing it up….so far….it looks good. I was hoping I could save it on google docs and gooogle Drive….but the template gets out of alignment. You have to do it directly from your computer and save on your hard drive. Thanks Wendy. : )

  6. Janet Holt

    I am in the process of using the editable program now, preparing for my recital in a few weeks. I have already made the invitations and my students and parents love them. I like that the text is completely editable. I included the names of all my students who will be playing so when people get the invitation they know who will be performing at the recital. Thank you, Wendy, for a quality product.

  7. Sherrie

    I am so happy that I decided to try these beautiful programs this year for my spring recital! They were so easy work with and more professional looking too! Thank you so much, Wendy, for your amazing resources for piano teachers!

  8. Edda Phillips

    Absolutely beautiful and professional! Worth every penny. I’m excited to try out the compliment cards this recital too! The program was very easy to edit and printed up nicely. I purchased the Christmas recital program template this past semester and those were such a big hit with the parents. I’m sure these will get just as many compliments at our recital in a couple weeks!

  9. Dorothy

    This is even more helpful than last years. I love all the ways to make it “my recital”. Thank you for your changes. I love it!!

  10. Wendy Stevens

    That’s great to hear, Dorothy! We’ve been working hard to make it better and better! Thanks to everyone for leaving a review!

  11. Francis

    This is a big help to me! Well worth the $. Easy to edit! Thank you!

  12. Diane Shinn

    I used the complement cards for a recent performance party for students only. It was great! Each student had to listen to the performer and make two positive comments about their performance. After each performance the other students read their comments out loud to the group and then the cards were collected and given to the performer. This required attentive listening by the students! This was a dress rehearsal for the Jr. Festival the following week, and I think the students were motivated by the positive comments because they all earned Superior ratings in the Festival!

  13. Maryann Messina

    Dear Wendy,

    You have struck a pot of gold with these recital program covers. Piano teachers may be great musicians but most of us are not artists as well.
    I was always stressed about cover designs (because mine looked like a child could have made them).
    I am so happy to have purchased this design for the spring programs!
    I plan to use the poster and invitations this year and plan to buy them from you EVERY YEAR!

    The only problem I am currently having is when I type an apostrophe- it gets placed too far away. Has anyone had that problem? I ended up hand-writing in my apostrophes on the photo copy. Otherwise, I LOVE them! Thank you so very much.

  14. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Maryann,

    Thanks for your review and feedback! I’m sorry you are experiencing extra space when you are using an apostrophe. Based on your comment, I would guess that you are editing the PDF in Adobe Reader. Unfortunately, though you can change the text, the PDF file would be the file that has the least editing options. So I would suggest opening the .docx (in Word) or the .pages file (in Pages on a Mac) next time and you will be able to experiment with using a different font which should allow you to find one that doesn’t have that spacing issue. Those word processing program files will allow you to change all kind of things about the text if you experience that again.

    I hope that helps! Thanks so much for your kind review. I’m so glad this is a help to you and we do plan to have more of these in the future!


    Wendy Stevens

  15. Joan Gotzbach

    My students and I really love your music and almost all are playing one of your pieces in our spring recital tomorrow night! And I really appreciate the new Spring Recital templates – I was a little confused at first on how to type my info I but figured it out and it looks so good.

  16. Tanis Cowan (Private Piano and MYC teacher)

    Wendy, this Spring Recital template package is brilliant! So smart and beautiful. I have used the announcement parts, and am exited to use the program and comment cards at our early June recitals!

  17. Karen Hesterly

    I knew your beautiful programs were a hit when one of the parents posts the cover of the program on Facebook along with her child’s performance. We used Amazing Grace, The Bold Escape, A Royal Procession, and Escape from Donegal Castle on the program today. Kids love your music.

  18. Wanda

    I love the recital prgram package! I made invitations and posters before the recital and printed the programs on my computer – all turned out beautifully! This year’s program was much easier to use. All of my students play 2 pieces and they worked well. Last year I couldn’t make them all fit on the page, so I apprecuate the new format – and the floiwers are bright,and beautiful!

  19. Wendy Chilton

    I got many more compliments this year about my recital programs as in previous years when I made my own (and I thought those looked pretty good!).
    It was worth the investment to put forth a professional program. Thanks!

  20. Marcia

    There is no way I could have created a program like yours. It was beautiful and several parents posted them on Facebook ect. I experienced problems editing – the words disappeared – (using word on a mac book pro). Any suggestions?

  21. Wendy Stevens

    Hi Marcia,

    I’m so glad that they looked beautiful and parents were impressed. Helping you look like the professional you are is one of my goals. I’m not sure about the issue you experienced in Word. However, if you are using a Mac, I would definitely encourage you to use the Pages file instead. I have Word on my Mac as well and sometimes it doesn’t work as you might expect just because of the different platform.

  22. Marci Pittman

    Thanks for the lovely recital templates and variety of formats for using them! I was looking for a change from the usual program covers I have used over the years and these fit the bill perfectly! They were easy to customize for my studio and students and I loved being able to use the matching compliment cards for the first time! I had them printed at Office Depot using my MTNA discount card so they were economical to print in full color! I cut them apart, punched a hole in the top left corner of each and strung them together for each student with some gold metallic elastic cord to go over them and give them to each student. They were a hit for the families and my students!

  23. Helen Haynes

    These recital covers are just beautiful! And I get so many nice comments on using the compliment cards! It’s a lot of work afterwards for me, cutting them out and separating them. Do most people cut them apart before or after the recital?
    I used WORD on a PC, and had no problems editing.

  24. Dorothy Burgess

    The Spring 2018 programs were beautiful! Thanks for including color and black and white. I used the beautiful color template which fit perfectly with my butterfly decorations I LOVED the comment cards! At the next lesson after the recital, I asked each student to write compliments to one or more students. I was amazed at their positive comments and the students were very happy to write these, and then receive comments the following week. I will continue using these throughout the year as students listen to pieces played by other students. Being a first-time user of the template, I didn’t know how many pages it would take to type two pieces per student, plus each student’s original composition. Now I’ll know I need to print page 1 of the program on the back of the front cover and print the last page of the program on the reverse of the back of the cover (I printed Honors students received throughout the year on the back cover). Then pages 2 and 3 would be a back-to-back half-size insert in side the cover. Wendy, if you have suggestions on how to format the number of pages needed to fit the number of pieces before actually typing, it would be helpful to know how to order the pages so they would come out in the right order. I think I should have typed pages 1 and 4 on one horizontal page, then 2 and 3 on another and print 2 and 3 back-to-back to be cut for half sheets for inserts for the inside of the program. (Unfortunately my copy machine quit working a few days before the recital, so I wasn’t able to print pages and “play” with the order.) Nevertheless, it worked okay stapling 2 back-to-back pages behind the front/back cover page. Everyone thought the programs were incredible!

  25. Miriam

    I loved using these beautiful and editable Spring Recital templates!! The parents and students were so impressed and commented on how pretty and professional they looked. The parents also loved the matching invitations and posters! Instead of using the compliment cards, I used a Compliment Form with each student’s name listed for the audience to leave positive feedback. I plan on typing out the comments for each student (much easier on my hands than cutting). Having never used this type of form for the audience, I was truly amazed at what an affect the comments would have on me as a teacher and my students. As I read the comments I laughed, cried, and literally had chill bumps on both arms! Thank you for sharing this wonderful and uplifting idea. This was a win-win for everyone!

  26. Laura

    I had a lot of trouble editing and for some reason every other one printed in black and white.

    A bit disappointing

  27. Wendy Stevens

    I’m so sorry you had trouble, Laura! Shoot me an email next time and I’ll see if I can help!

  28. Karen Hess

    Just had my two Certificate of Merit evaluation recitals and so appreciated using these. It went so well with my front flag that says “See them Grow in Every way” with a picture of girl and flowers….I feel that their music experience helps them to grow in so many different arenas of their busy lives.

  29. Rebecca

    These programs are beautiful and easy to use. I love them and the content cards are so fun!

  30. Susan Manship

    I love the template!

  31. April Owens

    Very nice template and easy to edit. Graphics are super nice and parents commented on how professional the program looked! I would definitely purchase from again. Thanks!

  32. Kathryn

    I’m not even a piano teacher, I’m a student but I decided to help her out by taking this part of the recital task on myself. It’s my contribution to making our piano recitals a delight for all. I enjoy using your templates and our guests, my teachers, and our families all love having this beautifully presented program. I’ve purchased several of them and they are easy to edit in Word and print perfectly every time. Thanks for making this a fabulous head start at a very affordable price.

  33. Jill Herbold

    These programs were perfect! This is my second year using these templates from Wendy. An addition to the template package that I would find useful would be a “Welcome to our Recital” sign for my front door. Fortunately I was able to heavily adjust the margins of one of the other pages to utilize the beautiful butterfly graphic. Love these packages – next year I may try out the comment forms.

  34. Dennis Malone

    Easy to use, looks so professional and artistic. Many oohs and aahs from the parents – it set the tone for a special occasion!

  35. Lori Douglas

    I loved the program! It looked professional, was easy to use and I didn’t have to try to find clip art and do a lot of cutting and pasting. I definitely recommend!

  36. Claudia Reardon

    It is so great to have someone else do the artwork for my recital programs! There is so much else to do that having these beautiful templates to choose from really lightens the load. Thank you Wendy!

  37. Dianne Cox

    I used the editable templates this year. They were very easy to use and everyone thought they were lovely. They especially liked the compliment cards. This was a big help for me at recital time!

  38. Lara Willingham

    My recital programs were so beautiful thanks to Compose Create! I will be purchasing more at my next one.

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