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Bundle: Watch Out, Here I Come! + Up On the Housetop

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Your beginning piano students will love that they can play such fun and impressive piano pieces for their friends, family, and at your recital!



Studio Use License – These pieces comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This bundle contains beginning piano music on the blacks keys for both end of year holidays. These pieces are perfect for piano students who have just begun to learn to play the piano, but are craving those impressive piano pieces that make them sound great!

Both Watch Out Here I Come and Up on the Housetop contain impressive surprises! Read about these below:

You get 4 versions of Up on the Housetop!

Yes, this package gives you 4 different versions of this piece so that you can use it with:

  • Beginning students on the black keys (no eighth notes)
  • Beginning students on the black keys (with eighth notes)
  • Students reading the staff (no eighth notes)
  • Students reading the staff (with eighth notes)

Exciting features in these pieces:

Up on the Housetop has a big sounding glissando at the end of the piece! What better way to show Santa sliding down the chimney!

Watch Out Here I Come features knocking on the fallboard and a really memorable and creepy main motive. Audiences will be singing this on the way out of your recital!

Is the teacher duet included?

Yes, there is a fun teacher duet included in both of these pieces. They are intermediate level and fall easily under the hands.

3 reviews for Bundle: Watch Out, Here I Come! + Up On the Housetop

  1. Donna Vince

    My young students LOVE the Halloween piece, Watch Out, Here I Come! We have had a blast performing it for their parents.
    I have just assigned Up On the Housetop tp pne student this week, so not sure yet, but he was pretty excited about the glissandos!
    Thank you for such fun pieces. It makes the students feel very successful!

  2. Jerrica Watrous

    My students LOVE, LOVE “Watch out Here I Come!” I’ve been using it in my group classes and when it gets to the part “Here I come!” They all start singing and knocking, as loud as they can. They love it!!! We’ll be performing it at our Halloween Recital, with some of the students doing the knocking on hand drums. It’s such a fun piece.

  3. Megan

    “Watch Out, Here I Come!” was a hit with early readers. I appreciate that the hand position changes slightly at the end, which forces the most beginning students to get out of their comfort zone. The “Up on the Housetop” Bundle is so convenient. I used all of the versions this year. Students who have not yet studied eighth notes can be easily introduced to the recurring rhythm in the song. It helps that they are familiar with the melody. As always, the glissandi are fun for all ages!

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