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Vivaldi Recital Certificates


These Vivaldi Recital Certificates are artistically designed to bring new life to certificates for your music students. These pair perfectly with the Vivaldi Spring Recital Programs.

Bundle: Vivaldi Recital Programs + Vivaldi Recital Certificates Package

For more savings, purchase the discounted bundle of Vivaldi Programs + Certificates.

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you ever have with students you directly teach!

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This editable Vivaldi Recital Certificates Template Package features a beautiful spring collage design. It pairs perfectly with our Vivaldi Recital Program Template Package which features Vivaldi’s spring melody from The Four Seasons.

Certificates have been around for a long time and students are often not motivated by their ordinary and boring designs. But these Vivaldi Recital Certificates bring art and design back into the world of certificates!

How can I use the Vivaldi Recital Certificates?

This template package can be used for:

  • Recital Certificates – Give them to all students participating in your recital
  • Certificate of Excellence – Praise those students who have shown excellence in their developement
  • Commendation Awards – For specific students
  • Participation Awards
  • Achievement Awards during the year

What is editable about the Vivaldi Recital Certificates?

We want you to be able to use these Vivaldi Recital Certificates with whatever text you need. So you can edit anywhere where there is text in these files. For example:

Vivaldi Certificates - spring music certificates from ComposeCreate.com | All text is editableIf using the PDF file: 

  • All text can be edited!

If using the Word (.docx file for Word users) or Pages (.pages file for Mac users): 

  • All text can be edited!
  • All text sizes can be edited.
  • The size of the text boxes can be changed.
  • Any part of the text box (like border, size, opacity) can be changed as long as you know how to change those within the program.
  • Your logo can be inserted at the bottom or anywhere!
  • Delete or add more text boxes if needed.

Can I insert my logo?

Absolutely! You will not find the ComposeCreate logo on the certificate because we want you to insert your own! If you wish to insert your logo, you’ll need to use the Word files or the Pages files. The PDF file will not allow you to insert a logo.

What is included in the Recital Certificate Templates?

We have included 6 files. Instructions on how to edit each one are included on the first page of each file:

  1. Word file for vertical program (PC users)
  2. Pages file for vertical program (Mac users)
  3. PDF file for vertical program (all computers)
  4. Word file for horizontal program (PC users)
  5. Pages file for vertical program (Mac users)
  6. PDF file for vertical program (all computers)

How do I make a LOT of these for all my students?

It’s easy to make a lot of these and then print them all at once. Make sure that you use the .pages or the .docx files if you wish to make a big document with all your students individual names in it (the PDF file does not facilitate this). To help you, we have included step-by-step instructions on how to create one big document with all your students and their individual recital certificates at the beginning of the .pages and the .docs files.

Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Template Package from ComposeCreate.com | Plus Civaldi recital certificatesDon’t forget the Vivaldi Spring Recital Program Templates!

Your certificates will pair perfectly with these beautiful vertical and horizontal program templates which feature Vivaldi’s famous “spring” tune from The Four Seasons!

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