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Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package


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This 2019 Spring Recital Program Template Package contains Vivaldi’s Spring melody, etched designs, and beautiful spring  elements that will help you look like the artistic professional you are.


Bundle: Vivaldi Recital Programs + Vivaldi Recital Certificates Package

For more savings, purchase the discounted bundle of Vivaldi Programs + Certificates.

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you ever have with students you directly teach!

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The detail and intricate design of this Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package will be stunning and remarkable to all who attend your recital. This is a great way to remind parents that you care about all the details of their child’s musical education!

Keeping a consistent theme and branding that you are both artistic and professional is easy to do with this Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package.

What’s so special about this Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package?

This Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package includes all of the resources you need to make several different recital programs. The artwork was designed by an artist and a musician to give you all the beauty of etched and cut designs on paper. So it looks like you spent hours on the artistic programs. However, all you have to do is type in your program details, print, and it’s done!

This, along with other designs in our Recital Program Template Packages are a cut above a typical program:

  • The text (even the title) on every page is editable! Name your program whatever you want because all the text is editable.
  • Horizontal AND vertical templates are included in this package.
  • Not sure if all your students will fit? No problem. There are two different designs for both a front and a back in the vertical template. Plus the horizontal template includes even more room for your students names and pieces. In addition, if you are using the Word or Pages documents (both are included), you can change font sizes, leave no spaces between performers, adjust line spacing and more to give you all the space you need.
  • We include a poster invitation plus 4-up smaller invitations so you can print and hand out paper copies if needed.
  • We’ve included beautiful Recital Compliment Cards. The recital compliment exchange continues to be raved about among teachers who use it. Keep your audience actively listening and encourage and inspire your students at the same time.
  • Our artist carefully uses the white space of the program so that it doesn’t use up too much of your color ink, saving you money on printing.

The Spring Editable Recital Program Package comes with:

  • Color invitation poster
  • Color 4-up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Color vertical program front
  • Color vertical program back
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Color compliment cards
  • Black and white invitation poster
  • Black and white 4-0up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Black and white vertical program front
  • Black and white vertical program back
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Black and white compliment cards

All text is completely editable!

2019 Spring Editable Recital Program Package | ComposeCreate.com

In this Vivaldi Spring Recital Template Package, you get three different kinds of files so that you can have just the right file type that you need. The files have text boxes them in which you can type your students and their pieces. Just enter your students name and information, print, and you are set!

Here are the file types included:

  • Editable PDFs (Yes, you can edit the program text fields with only Adobe Reader which is safe and free. If you want to be able to change the text color and size, you can use the Word or Pages files which are also included.)
  • Microsoft Word files (for PC users)
  • Mac Pages files (for Mac users)
  • Note: Different version of Pages and Word may open the files differently, but all the graphics are in the file. If you do not like to use Word or Pages, then everyone can use the easily editable PDF files!

How many students can I fit on the programs?

Watch this video to find and out and see tips on how to make a lot of students work!


What happens when you use a professional design?

It’s important to be consistent in your branding and professionalism. When teachers see a beautifully designed program, they see that you care about excellence in not only teaching their children, but also design. This impresses them and further affirms their choice of you as their teacher.

This Vivaldi Spring Recital Program Template Package will save you tons of time during a busy spring season. Above all, it will look like you care deeply about being excellent in all you do and can make parents walk away from your recital so glad that you are their child’s teacher.

13 reviews for Vivaldi Spring Editable Recital Program Package

  1. Teresa

    Just finished setting up this Sunday’s recital program. Perfect! 5 stars.

  2. Deb Cunniff

    Hi Wendy – I haven’t actually used the recital covers yet, but my recital is on May 10th. What I’m excited about is that I have a student playing an intermediate version of Spring and plan to have her open our program. I love it when a plan comes together!!! Thanks for providing us with such useful tools. It makes our job so much easier.

  3. Hannah Weston

    I have a recital coming up on June 7th that I plan to use these for! I have used a few of the other Program Templates and have received some very positive feedback. I am particularly excited that this one comes with a foldable program! Thanks, Wendy!

  4. Caren Worel

    So grateful for this handy program. Saves so much time!! Thank you again Wendy.

  5. Elaine Bovender

    The programs are beautiful! I think my families are going to love them. Thank you, Wendy!

  6. Sara Schott

    I actually have the skills to create my own programs (desktop publishing/journalism experience), but I am seriously short of time this spring. I put my recital programs and a poster together in about an hour, and they look great. So glad I found this and didn’t have to spend a bunch of time finding graphics and putting it all together. Thanks for a great product!

  7. Sally

    This is the second collection of programs that I have bought from composecreate.com. This package is very easy to use. I did these in color and the colors are beautiful. Everything looked so professional.

  8. Deborah Meier

    I used the Vivaldi Spring Recital Template with the foldable program. It worked out great and was easy to edit to fit my number of students. I also had plenty of room to list the various events that my students participated in with a short explanation. I loved the colors for the cover design. Thanks so much, Wendy!

  9. Deborah

    5 stars, Wendy! The program was great!

  10. BJ

    Thank you for the recital templates!
    Please keep offering them— they are such a lifesaver. I used to spend hours on canva trying to design something clever but now I just buy your templates ☺️
    I especially like the black and white option, because I print at home using coloured papers and it looks really nice and professional.

  11. Nancy

    So far I’ve used the invitation which was met with many compliments. I assume the program etc will be as well.

  12. Davonna Wheeler

    Thank you for the recital template. It was easy to use and I was able to fit 37 students on the horizontal layout!
    Many attendees commented on the beauty of the program.

  13. Christina

    Beautiful printable. Easy to use. Very versatile.

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