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Winter Recital Program Package


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This easy-to use Winter Recital Program Template Package is designed by a very talented artist to give you a professional looking program that brings peace and joy.

Studio Use License – This comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many recitals as you ever have with students you directly teach!

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This Winter Recital Program Package is easy to use and will save you tons of time during the busy holiday season. This design is filled with beautiful, calm, and peaceful design that can be used for your Christmas recital, your holiday recital, or even just a winter recital! And because we worked with a professional artist, your recital program will not only be artistic, but professional as well.

This Winter Recital Program Package visually affirms to parents that you are the professional and artistic teacher they believe you to be who does everything in an excellent way. This package contains everything you need to make your music or recital program not only look professional, but also bring a sense of calm and peace to your audience.

What’s so special about this Winter Recital Program Package?

This Winter Recital Program Package includes everything you’ve come to love about our easily editable recital programs. We work closely with a very talented artist to bring you something unique every year and this year is no exception! This design has beautiful music notes in the background that blend peacefully into the calm, winter theme. In addition, it comes with all of these features that make it a cut above just a typical program:

  • The text is editable (except for the compliment cards of course)! Name your program whatever you want! It’s all editable.
  • Horizontal AND vertical templates are included in this package.
  • Do you have a lot of students? No problem. The vertical template includes a unique design on both page 1 and 2. You can adjust the how many students fit by leaving space between performers or just putting them in without a space. Plus, change the font size if you use the Word or Pages documents (both are included).
  • People love to get actual invitations in the mail, so we’ve included 4-up printable invitations to give to your invitees.
  • We’ve included beautiful Recital Compliment Cards. The recital compliment exchange continues to be raved about among teachers who use it. What better way to keep your audience actively listening and encourage and inspire your students at the same time.
  • We love white space and we know you don’t want to waste printer ink. So, our artist created this template to incorporate the white space and save you money on ink if you use your home printer!
  • Plus, if you just can’t afford to print it in color, we also have a black and white version of each page that uses little ink.

The Editable Winter Recital Program Package comes with:

  • Color invitation poster
  • Color 4-up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Color vertical program front
  • Color vertical program back
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Color horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Color compliment cards
  • Black and white invitation poster
  • Black and white 4-0up invitations (can be cut to be handed out to families)
  • Black and white vertical program front
  • Black and white vertical program back
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program front
  • Black and white horizontal, booklet style program back
  • Black and white compliment cards

Text is editable!

Editable Winter Recital Program for piano recitals, dance recitals, and music programs

We hired a professional artist to design the imagery in this Winter Recital Program Template package. Then, we carefully created three different kinds of files so that you can have just the right file type that you need. Each file has it’s own kind of text box for you to enter your students name and information. Then all you have to do is print and you are set!

  • Editable PDFs (Yes, you can edit the program text fields with only Adobe Reader which is safe and free. If you want to be able to change the text color and size, you can use the Word or Pages files which are also included.)
  • Microsoft Word files (for PC users)
  • Mac Pages files (for Mac users)
  • Note: Different version of Pages and Word may open the files differently, but all the graphics are in the file. If you do not like to use Word or Pages, then everyone can use the easily editable PDF files!

What happens when you use a professional, artistic design?

We live in a visual culture. There is no way around that. So like it or not, our studio is often judged by the graphics we use and our visual images associated with our studio. So using a beautiful, artist designed program can make a huge impression on parents. It’s a great way to subtely remind them that you seek to be professional and proficient in all that you do. And it’s reassuring to them to have their children involved in a studio that looks great!

This Winter Recital Program Package will save you tons of time in the busy holiday season and will make you look fantastic!

3 reviews for Winter Recital Program Package

  1. Amber White

    Preparing for recitals is a lot of work, but these programs make one step of the process much easier. The design is beautiful and professional. I appreciate the versatility of the vertical/horizontal orientation and black and white or color printing.

  2. Becka Allan

    Excellent! Very professional looking and very easy to use – this package saves many hours of times and stress just before a recital!
    Just like all of Wendy Steven’s templates and music – easy to use, beautifully presented and a joy to keep for use in the future.

  3. Glenda

    Super easy to use and beautifully done! I am so thankful to have found this recital package- it literally saved me countless hours that I would have spent trying to put the program together by myself. This recital program is my favorite that I have seen thus far!

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