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Pantone Color of the Year – Coral 30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts!

Download the free charts! I fell in love with Pantone's color of the year for 2019. It's a beautiful coral color and just seems perfect for a new color set for fresh 30 an 40 piece challenge charts. I love what Pantone says about how and why they select [...]

Six Seasonal Songs to Share – New Design

Click to download Six Seasonal Songs to Share - New Design I'm going to be gut honest with you. During the Christmas break, my child will not be practicing every day. As a matter of fact, there will quite a few days that my child will not be "practicing" at all. [...]

New Editable 30 and 40 Piece Challenge Charts for 2018

Click to get the charts! This is the day we start releasing the new resources and music for the 2018 teaching year! And the first thing I want to give you is a brand new set of 30 and 40 piece challenge charts! What's Included in the Free Editable [...]

New Music Certificate Templates!

$4.99 Studio license Add to Cart New Vertical Music Certificates! Over the last few years, I've received a number of requests for a modern attractive music certificate to award to students at recitals or special events.  You might remember that I'm not a huge certificate fan, since they [...]

Sight Reading Holiday Challenge

Download the Music Sight Reading Holiday Challenge How about a sight reading holiday challenge to motivate your students during these busy holiday months! This one one of the best ideas I ever had for my studio and like most creative ideas, it was based on another idea I got [...]

Fresh, New 2016 – 30 Piece Challenge Charts!

Fresh, New - 30 Piece Challenge Charts for 2016 If you've done the 30 or 40 piece challenge for several years, you might be tired of the charts that I've had available for the last 3 years. If that's the case, then I first want to thank you [...]

30 Piece Challenge Certificates – Designed by an Artist for You!

30 Piece Challenge Certificates The long awaited 40 piece challenge and 30 piece challenge certificates are finally here! Haven't you wanted great looking 30 piece challenge certificates that actually match your charts thematically? I thought so! So I hired an artist to design professional certificates that work with any of the [...]