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New Music Certificate Templates!

$4.99 Studio license Add to Cart New Vertical Music Certificates! Over the last few years, I've received a number of requests for a modern attractive music certificate to award to students at recitals or special events.  You might remember that I'm not a huge certificate fan, since they [...]

Unexpected Results and New Recital Compliment Exchange Cards

Recital Compliment Exchange Cards & More Ideas! The Recital Compliment Exchange has been one of the best ideas that I've ever been about to share on the ComposeCreate site. This idea of allowing audience members to write a compliment for every one of the performers is taking the piano teaching community [...]

7 Qualities of a Great Piano Judge

7 Qualities of a Great Piano Judge Marcia Vahl, the Minnesota MTA Judge Education Committee Co-Chair, has recently written an article to help educate those that will be a piano judge for the Minnesota MTA piano events. She has graciously shared her article with us as well. Several of her other popular posts [...]

The Best Way to Start the New Year

It's not a new game. It's not a new piece of music. It's not a new gadget or office supply (though you know I would have loved that)! It's a return to a basic concept of learning. Parents Want Learning to Be Easy...Hmmmm As you may have noticed, many parents these [...]

Teach Active Listening: A Fun Printable for Performance Class!

FREE interactive worksheets to use in your Performance Class so that ALL students are engaged, not just those playing. Help them learn active listening with these charts.

A New Idea to Get More Student Composers!

Over the past few months, I've had several conversations with teachers from Indiana, Florida, and elsewhere about how to encourage more students to compose and enter compositions in festivals and competitions. Well, as I was judging the Indiana Music Teachers Association's Opus Composition Festival, I thought of a new idea! A [...]

10 of the Best Piano Judging Comments

Here's some great training for piano teachers who adjudicate! This critique of critiques, as you might call it, is written by Marcia Vahl from her extensive experience in judging piano competitions and training piano adjudicators.

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4 Ways Judging Can Make You a Better Teacher

4 Ways Being a Piano Judge Can Make You a Better Teacher by Marcia Vahl, NCTM As we begin a new teaching year here in the states, I'm excited to have Marcia Vahl back to give us even more thoughts on how to be a better piano judge, adjudicator, and [...]

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The 4 Elements of a Great Piano Critique

The 4 Elements of a Great Piano Critique by Marcia Vahl, NCTM Judging opportunities may take us into judging state piano exams, contests, Piano Guild, Federation Junior Festivals, or composition contests. No matter what the event, writing a great piano critique starts with considering who will read it. Consider Your [...]

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