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Recital Compliment Cards for the Recital Compliment Exchange - a powerful new idea for piano recitals, dance recitals, and music recitals! |

The Recital Compliment Exchange has been one of the best ideas that I’ve ever been about to share on the ComposeCreate site. This idea of allowing audience members to write a compliment for every one of the performers is taking the piano teaching community by storm! I’m so grateful to Swan for allowing me to share this idea!

I wanted to share some amazing NEW resources like Recital Compliment Cards and fabulous things that are happening with this idea!

What’s Happening?

Amazing things are happening as teachers implement this idea. I want to share just one of the many (yes many) emails and comments on the Recital Compliment Exchange post I’m getting about what happens as teachers are implementing the Recital Compliment Exchange. Here’s what Nancy Rath says:

IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!! The compliment exchange was a HUGE success. The audience really embraced the idea and wrote such wonderful messages to the kids.

We’ve been reading them as they come to lessons this week and their faces just beam when they read…or hear…all the nice comments on their performance. Connor: “Wow, Miss Nancy…All the people really liked our Puff the Magic Dragon duet!”

But there was an unexpected benefit as well. As I was sorting the cards at home after the recital, I came across several with my name on them. I realized that some of the folks had written compliments to me as the teacher !!! I went through a few tissues as that point and read each of the cards to my little dog, Mr. B. He was touched since he is the official studio mascot.

NEW Beautiful Recital Compliment Cards

Recital Compliment Exchange CardsSusan Hong created some absolutely beautiful recital compliment exchange cards and sheets and she’s graciously willing to share them here! Here is how she intends to use these for her recital:

Postcard size of Recital Compliment Cards:

The postcard size is intended to be given to each audience with the number of students that will be performing that day. I plan to put them in a ziploc bag with a pencil and number of cards of students to be performing at the recital. I have decided to do the postcard size for my recital because I would like to send the cards to each student. Audience members will place all the compliment cards in the ziploc bag after the recital and return to the helper or place in a designated box.

Full page size of Recital Compliment Cards:

To use the full page size, give the audience directions in the beginning of the recital to write the name of the student first before they comment. You can copy or take photos of each page and share with the studio.

Susan distributes a number of free resources on her Teachers Pay Teacher site here.

NEW Bravo Box Idea for the Recital Compliment Cards:

Kati Eichelberger Auchinleck had a great idea to package up the compliments in a beautiful little sack to give her students later in the week. Here’s how she does this:

Recital Compliment Exchange cardsI set up the bravo box with single use papers and pencils at the entrance to the recital. I had asked two of my high school students to direct people to it and answer questions. During my initial speech, I explained the Box and its purpose and encouraged everyone to write about each student. What may be different is my purpose.

I prefaced this activity with a discussion about performance etiquette at the lessons. I asked the students what the audience does after they perform. Obviously they clap. But, do they say anything? No. Can you hear what they’re thinking? No. Well, this year, we are doing something new. The audience will share their thoughts with you. It will be their gift to you as they thank you for performing.

So after collecting all of the comments that audience members placed in the large Bravo box, Kati then separated the complements into little bags for the students. A true gift to them! Here’s what she says about it:

Recital Compliment Exchange cardsI had packaged these up nicely because I wanted to make a point about what the applause is REALLY saying. It is not just “thanks for your performance”. There is so much more. My philosophy is based on musicians sharing the joy of music. I wanted my students to understand what the audience really thought as they were applauding, to understand the joy they were providing to the audience.

Don’t Want to Cut? Try this idea!

Perforated paperBrooke Baker from Portland Music and Dance shared this idea:

Our recital is coming up this weekend and I debated between a few ideas. Cutting up paper for that long didn’t seem practical to me and I wanted immediate results for the kids and families. I opted to purchase this perforated paper instead of using post it notes or anything else. You can print the name of the performer as well I would guess. (This was cheapest I could find.)

Perforated Paper so you don’t have to cut!

Each student will have their own galvanized bucket with a Polaroid taken the day of the recital to make it ultra authentic (hipster I know, but it’ll be special). =)

I’m also purchasing a ton of clipboards, but figure I’ll keep using them in years to come so it’s totally worth it. If you were having your recital in a church, technically a hymnal would work just as well. =)

Great idea, Brooke! Maybe an even cheaper idea might be to bring some unlined index cards to have at the back. You might even have some student volunteers that would count out the number of cards equal to the number of students and have them in pre-counted stacks on the table at the back. That way every student would get a compliment and parents wouldn’t run out of cards.

See What the Audience is Writing on the Recital Compliment Cards!

I asked teachers to send me pictures of the pages of compliments that they are getting back from these recital compliment cards and have been posting them on Instagram. Here are two of my favorites:

Recital Compliment Cards - Use these to involve your audience and encourage your students in unexpected ways! |
Recital Compliment Cards - Use these to involve your audience and encourage your students in unexpected ways! |

Did you see that one above? It was written by a student! I love the idea of encouraging students to encourage each other! This kid has a sense of humor. He says about his piece:

Me was great! 🙂 LOL

Your Turn!

So what do you think? Are you encouraged to do the Recital Compliment Exchange and use the Recital Compliment cards? Have you already done this? I’d love to hear about it! Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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