Is a Low Cost or Money Making Recital Possible?

How can a piano recital be low cost or money making? |

Jennifer Foxx over at Foxx Piano Studio Resources shared about an incredible idea for a low cost or money making recital! This idea could literally eliminate all your recital costs and potentially make money for your studio! What is the idea?

Support ads can help your bottom line

Well Jennifer shared that she was looking for a way to fund the auction that she was having for her students who had earned composer bucks during the semester. She remembered that the local MTA used support ads to help fund their events, so she implemented these for her studio recital program. You can read about exactly how she did that in An Idea for Your Recital Program. She defines a support ad as:

A support ad is an ad feature in the program with a supportive message from a family member, friend or even a business.

You can even see what this looked like in her most recent program, so definitely take a moment to visit her blog.

Local businesses might want the exposure

I can easily imagine that there might be some small businesses (or even large ones) in your community that might want to get their name in your program. There are so many businesses who want to connect with families with children and your program is the perfect way to do that! If your support ad price is reasonable, then why wouldn’t someone want to potentially gain a few more customers? Even if your price is only $10, five ads at $10 is $50 more to spend on your studio than you had before. I asked Jennifer what her prices were for her ads and she said:

  • 1/4 page $15.00
  • 1/2 page $25.00
  • Full page $50.00

Even if you don’t contact local businesses, what a great way for parents to surprise their kids at the recital! I’m quite sure none of my students would have any idea their parent was going to write them a note in a recital program!

What do you think about this idea? Let’s brainstorm about other possibilities! And don’t forget to go read Jennifer’s post: An Idea for Your Recital Program