Zany Fall Scarecrow Piano Solo by Wendy Stevens |

 $9.99  Studio license

Zany Fall Scarecrow Piano Solo

I’m so excited to announce that Scatterbrained Scarecrow is now available as a studio license! This zany fall scarecrow piano solo was originally published by Hal Leonard. We have purchased the rights back to this piece and now you can get it as a studio license. This means that when you purchase the studio license, you can make as many prints for as many students you directly teach for your entire teaching career!

I’ve never told you the inspiration behind this piece…

When I submitted this to Hal Leonard years ago, this piece was originally called “Scattered.” This is because the inspiration for this piece came by teaching a loveable, but very forgetful pre-teenage girl. She was quite picky in her choices of what she wanted to play and I wanted to write a piece that was reflective of her personality. She reminded me a bit of what my mother said I was like as a child…a bit scattered. My mom used to say that I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my neck!

But of course, a good editor will suggest a better title for a piece if one exists, so Scatterbrained Scarecrow was obviously a fun sounding suggestion to which I agreed!

New cover

Of course, since this is now a ComposeCreate piece, we’ve created a new cover for this fall scarecrow piano solo.

Bonus mp3 to send to students!

And by popular request, we’re including a free mp3 recording of the piece without voiceovers. That way, you can send this mp3 to your student to give them motivation to practice and an example of how to play it correctly.

Watch the zany, fall scarecrow piano solo here:

What’s included:

Scatterbrained Scarecrow:

  • 1 Piano solo
  • Cover (we always include that)
  • Bonus mp3 recording of the piece without voiceovers

Plus, because this piece is studio licensed, you are permitted to print it and use it for ALL the students that you  directly teach. You can do this for your entire lifetime of teaching. That’s like getting an unlimited supply of a piece of Music Kids Love for less than $10!

Bundle Discount: Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween

Scatterbrained Scarecrow - fall scarecrow piano solo + No School on Halloween Bundle by Wendy Stevens |

I know you are in a hurry for your fall and halloween pieces, so we’re releasing 2 new pieces at one time in a discounted bundle. Both Scatterbrained Scarecrow and No School on Halloween come with a studio license.

  • 1 studio-licensed Scatterbrained Scarecrow
  • 1 studio-licensed No School on Halloween
  • Both covers
  • Bonus mp3 recording

Samples or Purchase Here:

Fall Scarecrow Piano Solo Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween by Wendy Stevens

New Fall Bundle:
Scatterbrained Scarecrow, No School on Halloween
$19.98  $18.50  Studio license

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