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Bundle: Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween

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This discounted bundle contains two lively piece that both students and audiences love: Scatterbrained Scarecrow and No School on Halloween.



Studio Use License – These pieces comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This bundle contains two late elementary fall/halloween piano solos: Scatterbrained Scarecrow and No School on Halloween. Students will love how energetic these pieces are and teacher love how many pedagogical concepts are found in each piece.

What level is this bundle?

No School on Halloween:

The smallest rhythmic value in No School on Halloween is the quarter note. While it does not have eighth notes, the chorus does contain a fun hands together passage that is great for the developing elementary student. This piece modulates through different keys, but all the accidentals are written in, making it easy to read and learn.

No School on Halloween has an exciting glissando at the end of this piece! In addition, the first two pages create an easy, but slow-building intensity that is unusual in early level pieces. Plus there is also a hand over hand arpeggio in the piece. The right hand also plays notes in the bass clef in the chorus for a deep and mature sound.

Scatterbrained Scarecrow:

The smallest rhythmic value in Scatterbrained Scarecrow is the eighth note. There are a few shifting meters in the piece, but these are easily executed as there are no long notes or rests to hold or count.

Bonus mp3 recordings included

To help your students learn the pieces, we are including mp3 recordings of both pieces. You are welcome to send these to students you directly teach who are learning the pieces. These recordings are created without voiceovers and without lyrics so that the articulations and nuances are easy to hear and mimic.

Both pieces contain many opportunities to hone student’s skills in staccato, legato, and accents.

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3 reviews for Bundle: Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween

  1. Catherine Pederson

    Great piece for 7yr. 2nd year boy. Repeated patterns satisfying to play without sounding boringly repetitious. L-H over R-H fun to do. Exciting use of full keyboard. An exciting, piece to play – Use of 2nds creative and appealing.
    Has played to enthusiastic response on one recital and will play on another too. Popular piece I’ll use next year too.

    No school on Halloween disappointing – didn’t use. Students in our community like school and have been trained to eat very little candy. I didn’t want students to use the text with its negative text. The piece also lacked the liveliness and joyfulness of “Scarecrow”. Sorry, Wendy. I thought a long time before writing this – but thought I should share these thoughts with you!
    Wonderful review of your Christmas pieces in Clavier Companion. I will order them!
    Great covers! Thanks for everything…

  2. Kerri

    I love both of these pieces! My students love minor pieces for Halloween and “No School on Halloween” is hilarious and fun to play. I especially appreciate the rhythms that could be a little difficult for younger ones to play…they can learn these rhythms by using the words. Brilliant. In Scatterbrained Scarecrow, I love the little 3/4 measures thrown in – SUCH great practice for mixed time signatures in their future playing. This is a creative little piece. You hit the ball out of the park, Wendy!

  3. Pierrette Brunette

    I really enjoy your music. You have such an energy! It is unbelievable!You make my job so much easier.

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