BUNDLE: 2019 Halloween and Fall Piano Music

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This huge bundle of 2019 Halloween and Fall Piano Music contains 8 pieces that are sure to excite and energize early elementary through early intermediate students!









This pieces in this bundle come with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach.


This big bundle of fall and halloween music is filled with some of the best Music Kids Love! Teaching these pieces will not only fill your students with excitement about practicing and performing, but will also bring a fresh dose of humor and fun music to your teaching life.

The 2019 Halloween and Fall Piano Music Bundle includes:

Watch Out, Here I Come!

This early elementary piece is on the black keys but contains 1 white key to stretch even the most beginning student. Students love the creeping sound and also knocking on the piano fall board.

Scatterbrained Scarecrow

This late elementary kooky sounding piece is full of energy and both young and old students will love that it’s not predictable and boring. Easy shifting meters gives elementary students the opportunity to experience different meters in an easy way and keeps them from getting scared of these in more advanced pieces.

You Don’t Scare Me Now

You Don’t Scare Me Now is a mid elementary original piece that helps students stand up to their scary monsters of the past. Students can duel with the things that have scared them in the past and dare them to make a bigger noise than they can. Then in the end, through the magical use of a glissando (done with an index card to prevent injury), the student quite obviously beats the scary things with their sound!

Whatever I’ll be for Halloween

This piece expresses a students thoughts creatively and in a fun way. It is also a great way to reinforce the innate value of every person. Whatever I’ll be…I’ll be awesome ’cause it’s me beneath the costume!

Something in My Piano

Something in My Piano is based on a true story of a very large, hairy spider that crawled out from under my piano while I was playing one day! This is a very easy piece with only single notes playing at one time.

No School on Halloween

This piece again expresses the emotions of a child, so kids love singing it! Kids are so excited about Halloween, there might as well not be any school that day! It’s a dramatic and exciting piece full of energetic articulations.

Loch Ness Quest

Preteens and teenage students love the drama in this early to mid intermediate piece! There are several sections with different moods, giving any student the opportunity to develop all kinds of styles of expression. This is a very impressive solo that’s great for talent shows.

It’s All About the Candy

It’s true, isn’t it?! It’s All About the Candy. There are two versions of this mid elementary piece. One version contains lyrics for students who like creepy things and another version contains lyrics for students who do not like creepy things.

You get ALL of this easy Halloween piano music in this discounted 2019 Halloween and Fall Piano Music Bundle!

3 reviews for BUNDLE: 2019 Halloween and Fall Piano Music

  1. Kathryn Rowe

    I purchase the Halloween bundle of pieces: You Don’t Scare Me Now is popular with my students. They like the extra sounds effects like knock, stomp, tap and snap. Although, the snapping of fingers is not easily done, so we changed it to a clicking of the tongue. The glissando with the index card is a great idea. I have a whole bunch at the piano because we keep doing the gliss and then dropping the card on the floor and then taking another card. At first, the student is a little shocked at dropping the card and wants to either hold onto it or retrieve it immediately. It’s fun teaching them to have fun and be flexible at the piano.
    No School on Halloween is also a hit because of the topic. It really goes over well with kids who love Halloween.
    No one has picked Scatterbrained Scarecrow or Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween yet.
    But I’ve given the 5 finger piece Watch Out Here I Come to several little ones. It’s a fun and easy piece and they really enjoy the words and the knocking. Who knew that you could have sounds other than the keys in your song?

  2. Julie

    Wow! Such fun and playable music. My elementary level students have been having a blast with these pieces this month.

  3. Samuel

    Love this bundle! I had to smile when my students played these pieces for our group lessons! Really fun! Thank you!

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