Watch Out, Here I Come!


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Watch Out, Here I Come! is just what your beginning students crave for the fall recital: A fun memorable piece that audiences will be humming as they exit the recital!


Bundle: Up on the Housetop and Watch Out Here I Come - Early elementary black key beginning halloween piano piece with teacher duets by Wendy Stevens

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Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Your beginning students who are playing on the black keys want to play amazing sounding pieces too! And Watch Out Here I Come is going to make them sound amazing at your halloween recital. Students get to knock on the piano, use easy black keys patterns, play a really catchy, creepy motive and do it all in an easy to learn piece. Beginning students will love it. 

What level is Watch Out Here I Come?

Watch Out Here I Come is early elementary. The shortest rhythm value is the quarter note. This piece only contains quarter notes, half notes, and quarter rests (just a few), so it’s perfect for those students who have only had lessons for a short time. Students play the music based on finger numbers, just like in most beginning black key piano solos.

In addition, piano students who are also learning to read on the staff will love playing this piece. Why? Don’t forget that one of the ways to help students gain confidence is to give them pieces that are “easier” than their current level. This allows them to learn the piece very easily and help develop that confidence in playing. So, you can use this piece both with early elementary students as well as ones that are just beginning to read music to help them develop that confidence and enjoy playing easier pieces.

What are the features of Watch Out Here I Come?

This piece features a really spooky, but easy-to-play motive. Plus, students get to knock on the fallboard of the piano, for an even creepier sound!

What about the teacher duet?

Yes, there is a fun teacher duet included with this piece. It is intermediate level and falls easily under the hands. Even though it is in the key of Gb (like most black key pieces), we have put the C flat accidental markings in parenthesis since it’s so easy to over look these.

Need a non-Halloween version of this piece?

You will love this piece at Halloween time, but you may want the same piece when you have new beginners in the spring, but without the Halloween lyrics. Never Quit is the remix of this piece that gives you that. It contains the same music, but with different lyrics and a different cover.

Check out these stellar students playing Watch out, Here I Come!

This set of students are wearing their costumes (made by their mother!) and really smashing this piece!

13 reviews for Watch Out, Here I Come!

  1. Melissa Willis

    I’ve never had a “hit” Halloween piece with my very beginners, but that is no longer the case! I have two brand new beginners as of September and they both LOVE this piece and feel so grown-up playing it! They love the honor of being able to play their “first white key” in a piece amidst all the black keys. When I introduce the piece, I play up the white key aspect and they just eat it up! The very manageable hands together parts at the end are also a big hit and make them feel so grown-up with a big sound. The teacher duet part is a hit as well, but as a teacher with a great number of on-line students, I especially appreciate that the piece sounds appealing with or without the teacher duet! To sum up – “Watch Out, Here I Come” is a must have for any studio with beginning students!

  2. Marissa

    A super fun and approachable piece for my elementary level students!

  3. Sally Ritchie

    I just finished doing this duet with one of my beginner students. It was great! She and I both loved it. Way to go Wendy!

  4. Suzanne

    This piece is a great, fun option for beginners and even an easy piece for those who have taken a few more lessons. I love the way Wendy incorporated the “rhythmic knocking” at the end. It’s fun and my students have loved it!

  5. Esther C Doan

    I gave a new student with multiple physical challenges and only 4 lessons under her belt this solo, “Watch Out, Here I come”. She learned it and played it with the accompaniment. When she was done, she squealed with delight and her mother almost cried! Thank you so much for this piece!

  6. Kerry Drombosky

    If you have “newbies” who want to place spooky Halloween music like their older siblings, this piece is for you!! And who would have know that knocking on the piano could be so much fun!!

  7. Marilyn

    My young students are really enjoying “Watch Out, Here I Come!” both as a duet and as a solo. It is great for the youngest of students to have seasonal music that complements any beginner series. This one is really fun and reinforces the need to keep a steady beat for the success of the duet performance.

  8. Andrew Horowitz

    A very fun and very easy pre-reading Halloween solo. Great teacher accompaniment, lots of fun to sing and play together with the student. Most important: any attentive student could learn it using a few minutes of one lesson.

    I found that some students who are beyond pre-reading were happy to learn it by rote. Others were turned off by the appearance of the pre-reading notation.

  9. Josée Allard

    I tought this really fun Halloween song to 2 twins students who began in September. They are 8 1/2 years old and they just loved it! They couldn’t stop playing it at the end of the lesson. The harnonies are really original and Halloween style and the groove is really fun too. The knocking is a big hit and we’re laughing at it. Even an older student loved it (18). When I bought it , it’s just that I couldn’t stop hearing it in my head after listening to the video. Congrats to Wendy!

  10. Michelle

    My students have thoroughly enjoyed this piece! Their eyes lit up in excitement when they initially heard the first 8 bars. It sounds harder than it is. They have found the patterns to be quite easy to learn and are very excited to practice and play the piece!

  11. Amber White

    This was the perfect piece to inspire a reluctant 5-year-old student who does not like learning new music. After 10 minutes of working on it, he exclaimed, “Hey, I’m playing like those girls in the video!” Now, he practices the song without being asked.

  12. Rebecca Singerman-Knight

    Great – I actually taught this to some beginners who haven’t done any notation work at all but they loved it – really good fun.

  13. Tara Billman

    My students loved playing this song!! Especially the knocking!

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