Never Quit


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Never Quit is a super catchy black key solo with teacher duet that both students and audiences will love!

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Never Quit will allow your beginning students who are playing on the black keys  to play amazing sounding pieces too! Never Quit will thrill them with all the interesting sounds they get to make. In addition, the verse of the song is catchy and repetitive, so they can become proficient at it quickly. Kids love when they can sound good fast, and beginning students will love Never Quit because of this. 

What level is Never Quit?

Never Quit is early elementary level. The shortest rhythm value is the quarter note. This piece only contains quarter notes, half notes, and quarter rests (just a few), so it’s perfect for those students who have only had lessons for a short time. Students play the music based on finger numbers, just like in most beginning black key piano solos.

This piece is on the black keys in a comfortable hand position. There is one variation in the hand position and that involves the longer 3rd finger playing the D between the 2 black keys. While this is a unique “position,” it’s very easy for children and they will be able to do it quickly.

This is also a fun piece for students that are even just beginning to play on the white keys. Giving students a piece “below” their level periodically will give them that wonderful thrill of feeling immediately good at something. Plus, the catchy nature of this tune and piece will mean they love it even if it’s easier than their current music.

Is this the same piece as Watch Out, Here I Come?

Yes, this is the same melody and teacher duet as the Watch Out, Here I Come Halloween piece. By popular request, we “remixed” this piece with new non-Halloween lyrics, a new title, and a new cover. Now all beginning piano students, even those who don’t celebrate the October holiday, can have tons of fun with this catchy piece!

What are the features of Never Quit?

In addition to the positive “never quit” message to encourage piano students to not give up, this piece also features fun knocking on the piano. Plus, students get to play sneaky sounding half steps that make this super fun to play and listen to!

What about the teacher duet?

There is a fun intermediate level teacher duet included with this piece Even though it is in the key of Gb (like most black key pieces), we have notated flats for all the C flats since it’s so easy to miss these!

5 reviews for Never Quit

  1. Heather Watson

    What a clever idea Wendy my studio loved this last year & this repackaging feels
    so appropriate & usable. Love the cover, title & lyrics – I have some new parents who are going to love the message contained too!

  2. Cherie Norquay

    Thank you so much for remixing this song! I have a lot of families who aren’t a fan of Halloween (although I don’t know any kids who don’t love the holiday) so I try to minimize actually selecting music that is Halloween focused. This year my fall recital is a Minor Mystery and this song will be a great addition!!!!!!

  3. Patricia

    “Never Quit” is a great addition to my studio. The rhythmic knocking and the positive lyrics make it a really fun piece to play. We keep supplemental music in our composer binders. One 6 year old student reminded his Mom that he needed to take home his binder so he could practice “Never Quit”!

  4. Cherie Norquay

    All my students love your music Wendy! An update on my previous review…I teach my 6 year old granddaughter and she played Never Quit for our fall recital. Every time we play the duet, she gives me a hug and tells me it’s her favorite song she has ever played. I also had many students ask to play that song after the recital! That’s for making that version!

  5. Nancy Van Kampen

    I used the “never quit” song with my beginners. In fact, I used it to talk about practicing . It helped them want to practice. The piece put the idea in their head that they’ve got to work to learn even though it’s hard and sometimes scary 🙂 This is probably what you intended!!!

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