The Shadow Passes - Passionate Late Intermediate to Advancing piano solo by Wendy Stevens Her most melancholy piano piece yet. |

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My Most Melancholy Piano Piece Yet

I know this can change, but at this point in my life, I think this melancholy piano piece is one of my most beautiful gifts to humankind. It’s borne out of great sorrow and sadness, and yet hope, joy and peace abound.

The inspiration for this melancholy piano piece

I’ve talked a lot about “retroactive inspiration.” And this piece is definitely one of those pieces that is truly inspired, but while I was writing it, I couldn’t tell you what was inspiring me. I was just writing out of the depths of my soul. When the piece was only just begun, I would come to the piano and play just the main motive over and over again. It was as if those notes were speaking of sorrow and sadness that my mind couldn’t find the words to express. And yet, it brought joy to me to “say” them over and over again.

The piece unfolded ever so slowly. I would work on it and then have to take a long break. Often when this happens, I just give up on a piece thinking that it was not meant to be. But this one kept calling out to me.

I finally finished it and yet still didn’t have a title.

Then, a very dear friend’s sister died. I was heartbroken for her as her sister had some special needs and disabilities similar to my brother. As soon as I heard of her passing, I went to the piano to play this piece. And then, I knew it had to be called The Shadow Passes.

I knew that though our grief was great here on earth, the sister was not experiencing any such thing. The shadow had passed over her and she was in that most beautiful presence for which our soul longs.

I still cry when I play it

I’ve heard composers say that after they compose a piece, they leave it out of necessity and it has a life of its own. But I keep playing this melancholy piano piece. And yes, I keep crying with sorrow and with joy when I play it. The Shadow Passes somehow encourages me with beauty.

Bonus mp3 with studio license

Teachers have told me that they would love to show or give a recording to their students to help them learn how to nuance a piece or be inspired by it. So, with the purchase of the studio license, we’re including an mp3 recording of this melancholy piano piece (no voiceovers, though!) that you can share with your students that are learning the piece.

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What’s included:

The Shadow Passes - Passionate Late Intermediate to Advancing piano solo by Wendy Stevens Her most melancholy piano piece yet. | ComposeCreate.comThe Shadow Passes (studio license):

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  • Mp3 recording of the piece
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$9.99  Studio license