Nuts, Nuts, Nuts - Rote and Reading Piano Solo with teacher duet. Part of the Woodland fun bundle featuring piano music about woodland creatures by Wendy Stevens. Squirrel piano piece

 $9.99 Studio license

New Rote and Reading Squirrel Piano Piece

Today’s the release of the final Woodland Fun Rote and Reading™ series for beginning piano students! And what better woodland creature to end the series than a squirrel!

Funny inspiration for this squirrel piano piece

Do you remember the scene in the movie “Up” where the dogs are barking and growling and are about to pounce on the main character? Then suddenly, they hear a squirrel and start acting like the most distracted and goofy dogs? They yell, “Squirrel!”

Well, in my family, we reference that scene all the time when we’re jokingly making the point that someone is being easily distracted. We yell, “Squirrel!” and look around like a ditzy cartoon character.

So, I thought it would be fun to write a squirrel piano piece in which the squirrel is distracted by nuts!

So this squirrel piano piece features a squirrel named Merle who’s quite friendly and chatty. He introduces himself and then starts talking about himself, only to be interrupted at the end of every verse with “Nuts! Nuts! Nuts?”

Features of this squirrel piano piece

This piece is so easy that you can teach it to most beginning piano students in one setting. The pattern of the lyrics in the verse repeats itself 3 times. But then suddenly, the squirrel gets distracted! The LH crosses over the RH (don’t panic if your student doesn’t do this on time. Let him take his time. There are plenty of other places for you to practice a steady beat!) and then both the LH and RH take turns playing E’s. Your students should know where an A and an E are when they are done with this squirrel piano piece.

Bonus mp3s to send to students!

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts is pretty catchy and repetitive so it’s easy to remember. But we’re also including two mp3s at two different tempos that you can send to students who are learning the piece. Just attach them to an email and send it to their parents. Then students can listen during the week and be reminded how the squirrel piano piece goes.

Watch the Nuts, Nuts, Nuts here:

What’s included:

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts:

  • 1 Piano solo with lyrics and teacher duet
  • Cover (we always include that)

Plus, because this piece is studio licensed, you are permitted to print it and use it for ALL the students that you  directly teach. You can do this for your entire lifetime of teaching. That’s like getting an unlimited supply of a piece of Music Kids Love for less than $10!

Bundle Discount: Woodland Fun

Woodland Fun Bundle - Contains Mister Bo Beaver, Lookin' Sharp the Hedgehog piece, and Nuts, Nuts Nuts by Wendy Stevens

Nuts, Nuts, Nuts is also available in a special series about Woodland Creatures. We’ve significantly discounted the bundle so you can get all the pieces at a reduced price. All of these pieces come with a studio license.

  • 1 studio-licensed Lookin’ Sharp
  • 1 studio-licensed Mister Bo Beaver
  • 1 studio-licensed Nuts, Nuts, Nuts
  • The individual covers
  • Bonus Woodland Fun Cover

Samples or Purchase Here:

Squirrel piano piece by Wendy Stevens

$9.99  Studio license

Woodland Fun Bundle - Contains hedgehog piece Lookin' Sharp, Mister Bo Beaver, and Nuts, Nuts Nuts

Bundle: Woodland Fun
Lookin’ Sharp, Mister Bo Beaver, Nuts Nuts Nuts
$29.97  $27.97  Studio license

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