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Bundle: Rustle of Inspiration + The Shadow Passes

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This bundle is packed with emotion and beauty.



Studio Use License – The pieces in this bundle come with a studio license and is a fantastic value as they can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This bundle includes two very moving and emotional piano solos. Both pieces are late intermediate to advancing and explore very deep and intricate emotions.

The Shadow Passes captures a wide swath of human emotion as it explores everything from the saddest to the most wonderful moments we experience on the earth. It looks forward to the day when all the darkness will be past and beauty will be everywhere.

Rustle of Inspiration is a musical story following the path of inspiration. It begins with inspiration as a hidden character that is beginning to breath simple beauty. Then, it appears suddenly and with a beautiful vigor that’s sure to energize anyone who hears it.

What level is this bundle?

The Shadow Passes

This piece is good for the late intermediate to advancing pianist. The smallest note value is the sixteenth note. This piece contains very few big reaches and can be played by even those with small hands.

Rustle of Inspiration

This piece is also for the late intermediate and advancing pianist. It is slightly more difficult than The Shadow Passes because it contains more octaves and a few large chords. Intervals are no larger than 1 octave in this piece and the smallest note value is the eighth note. This piece has been carefully fingered to help ensure mastery.

Studio license + Bonus recordings

This bundle contains the studio license version of these pieces, so you can use them yourself and with as many students as you directly teach. Plus, you also receive a bonus mp3 for each of these pieces. The mp3 is a recording of the performance with no voiceovers.

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2 reviews for Bundle: Rustle of Inspiration + The Shadow Passes

  1. Sara

    Your description of these 2 pieces was very helpful. I was surprised at the depth of emotion and richness of sound that can be found in these pieces. They are very satisfying to play. I would highly recco these to students who want to grow in musical interpretation.

  2. olivia campione

    I love both of these pieces. They are truly just relaxing to play; I feel the emotion. I will look forward to sharing them with my students when they reach this level.

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