Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween


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Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween starts simply, but unfolds into a huge sounding piece for elementary piano students!

Studio Use License – This piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween is a fun halloween piano solo that builds in excitement. The lyrics in the verse talk about the tough decision of choosing a Halloween costume. Piano students will love the references to popular costumes. But the best part is that Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween celebrates who the student is on the inside!

Fun Lyrics in Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween

Here are just some of the fun lyrics in this piece! Watch the video to hear them in song:

What should I be for Halloween?
I’m lost in my thoughts about my favorite character.
What should I get on the internet?
I’m stuck in my searching for the best costume ever!
Maybe a fairy or a colorful canary.
Or a super hero flying or a mask that’s horrifying.
Or a Steve that’s made of bricks perhaps a wizard doing tricks maybe a
Race car that is lightning or a zombie that is fright’ning!
But whatever I’ll be I’ll be awesome ’cause it’s Me behind the costume
And it’s Me that you’re giving all the candy and treats!

Fun, huh?!

Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween Uses the Entire Piano

This piece is all over the piano, but always in easy 5 finger positions. While the beginning of the piece looks very easy, students will love how it expands and develops into a very mature sound in the middle and the end. Much of this piece can also be taught by rote including the ending and the LH parts in the middle if students have never had lower bass notes.

Whatever I’ll be for Halloween Has a Fun Glissando!

Glissandos are so big sounding for elementary students. Plus they are surprising to the audience too! Students can play them easily without any injury in Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween by using an index card. Simply place the index card on the right side of the piano and the grab it when needed. Play the glissando with the index card, then throw it on the floor and play those last few notes with pride!

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23 reviews for Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween

  1. Michele

    Whatever I’ll Be for Halloween is an engaging piece of fun for students! I, as teacher, love the change in tempo and style after the mid section of the the piece. The kids adore the same as well as the lyrics. I have a couple students who belt the words out loudly as they play the piece…All in good fun, of course. I’m thinking of having a couple of masks available to wear for students while playing! Hmmm… more thought.

  2. Ruth L Michaelis

    Wendy’s Halloween Music is a MUST at our studio each year. I teach the pieces to many students and they have to fight over who gets to perform them. Whatever I’ll be For Halloween has been added to our WS Halloween Favorites this year and it is a hit. Wendy just knows how to write pieces that kids and audiences LOVE. There are patterns for easy learning, playing all over the piano instead of staying in one middle spot, and glissandos dynamics tempo changes to delight both the players and the parent.
    You should get this piece and pick up the Halloween Bundle if you haven’t done so already. I have hundreds of pieces for Halloween. Wendy’s are always the favorite.
    One of my intermediate students told me last night that she stills play “you dont scare me now!” just for fun. She played a number of years ago, but it remains fun to play.

  3. Liz Cervantes

    This is a fun piece that several of my mid-elementary students are enjoying right now. They love the “big” quality of the piece and the words too. I highly recommend this!

  4. jqcalvo

    Purchased this song for a couple of my elementary students this year. It’s very easy to learn and who doesn’t love a glissando to look forward to at the end of the piece!
    Thanks Wendy!

  5. Lynnise

    Such a fun song! My students are LOVING it! Thank you for being so creative and sharing it with others!

  6. Priscilla

    fun halloween piece!

  7. Margaret McDonald

    You did it again Wendy. Great piece for Halloween. I have a fifth grader learning this for my Halloween recital. It is a fairly quick learn. Some of the parts out of the C position can be taught by rote if necessary. Definitely a winner as is all Wendy’s music!

  8. Suelin

    This piece rocks! My students who have the privilege of performing it this year are delighted!

  9. Mary

    I do enjoy playing and singing with my students! I encourage them to sing along as well. Great piece for a fun lesson!

  10. Caren Worel

    Any chance to do a Glissando is a thrill for my students. This is an exciting and clever piece. Good job Wendy!!!

  11. Susan Richards

    My students love it! The ones who like to sing love the lyrics. And the piece works without lyrics for the ones who only sing in the shower. 😊

  12. Tess

    A true Halloween piece! While working on this music with an adult student, I suggested she try the glissando without an index card. She ran her hand down the keys too hard, jumped back in pain, and raised up a bloody finger! After wrapping it in bandages like a mummy, we had a good laugh and agreed: Always follow Wendy’s instructions!

  13. Vanessa Felhauer

    I have several elementary students playing this for our Halloween concert this year and they love it! It’s just challenging enough to push them a little, but totally accessible, with several patterns that are easily taught by rote. And the big glissando at the end is so much fun for them!

  14. Lindsay Tomczak

    This piece was a smash hit in my studio! Within one week the two students learning it had practically perfected it and of course, wanted to play for me the minute they walked in the door for lessons. When students are SO motivated to learn a fun and quality piece it makes lessons a joy for everyone. As teachers we see what our students are capable of as well when they put their efforts into playing something they love.

    Thank you, Wendy!

  15. Ellen Berry

    My students who are working on this piece are having a great time with it. They enjoy the tempo changes, the chance to play all over the keyboard, the “jazzy” part in the middle, and the energetic ending. Thank you, Wendy, for writing this fun piece!

  16. Chad

    Such a creative piece!

  17. Liz Gethings

    One of the most addictive, fun pieces I have heard in a while! I highly recommend it and my students absolutely love it! WARNING: CANNOT get out of head though hehe x

  18. Lynn

    Fun, exciting and modern! Kids will love this!!

  19. Sharon

    Halloween isnt as big in Australia but love the exciting change of mood in the middle of this piece! Sharon

  20. Margaret Castner

    Interesting and exciting piece

  21. liz

    My students LOVE this song! They think it’s so intricate and complicated when in reality it’s very simple with many repeating patterns. I gave it to one boy saying “I know you’ll like this because the lyrics say that you’re awesome” and he went home beaming.

  22. Jerrica Watrous

    My elementary students are LOVING this piece!! They love how they get to use the whole keyboard, and love the glissando at the end.

  23. Marianne H

    Fun and catchy piece. I absolutely love it. I agree with Liz, it is addictive. I catch myself singing or humming it during the day.

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