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No School on Halloween - Late elementary piano solo by Wendy Stevens Bundle: Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween

 $9.99 Studio license

New 2018 Big and Exciting Halloween Music!

You probably already know how I love to write music from a child’s perspective! When you are a kid, there’s nothing like playing and singing a song that expresses just how you feel! That’s why we have the “What Kids Think” series of pieces which include No Shoes, The Booger Song, and I Hate to Wear a Coat.

But today, I’m so excited to introduce a new halloween piece into that series: No School on Halloween!

[Just yesterday, my husband told me that my teen read it without me knowing and said it was hilarious. That’s when you know you have gold! :)]

It’s a convincing argument

While most moms, dads, and teachers think kids should be in school on Halloween, there’s a compelling argument for no school since don’t really learn anything on that day! As this new piece explains:

I want to cancel
our school today
We won’t be learning
much anyway!

We’ll have our party.
We’ll trick or treat.
We’ll eat our candy
That’s much too sweet!

So we must cancel what we love the most!
We won’t be learning much because our brains are toast!

And then the chorus takes it away!

Guess what surprise is waiting at the end of the piece!

If you guessed a glissando, you are correct! Students love this big sound that they can get with just an index card.

The whole piece is in the same flavor of “You Don’t Scare Me Now!“, one of the most popular halloween pieces in the ComposeCreate store. And both of these have an exciting glissando that students of all ages can do without injury.

Just place an index card on the right side of the piano. When it’s time to play the glissando, the student has plenty of time to grab it with their right hand and do the glissando. Then, just throw the index card on the ground at the end of the glissando!

Bonus mp3 to send to students!

We’re including a bonus mp3 recording of the piece without voiceovers and lyrics. You can send this mp3 to your student to give them motivation to practice and an example of how to play it correctly.

Watch No School on Halloween here:

What’s included:

No School on Halloween:

  • 1 Piano solo
  • Cover (we always include that)
  • Bonus mp3 recording of the piece without voiceovers and lyrics

Plus, because this piece is studio licensed, you are permitted to print it and use it for ALL the students that you  directly teach. You can do this for your entire lifetime of teaching. That’s like getting an unlimited supply of a piece of Music Kids Love for less than $10!

Fall scarecrow piano solo by Wendy Stevens

Bundle Discount: Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween

We actually have two new fall pieces for you! [Plus a black key one for your youngest students that comes out next week.] So you can buy both of these at the biggest discount you’ll ever see. Both Scatterbrained Scarecrow and No School on Halloween come with a studio license.

  • 1 studio-licensed Scatterbrained Scarecrow
  • 1 studio-licensed No School on Halloween
  • Both covers
  • Both bonus mp3 recordings
Fall Scarecrow Piano Solo Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween by Wendy Stevens

Samples or Purchase Here:

Fall Scarecrow Piano Solo Scatterbrained Scarecrow + No School on Halloween by Wendy Stevens

New Fall Bundle:
Scatterbrained Scarecrow, No School on Halloween
$19.98  $18.50 Studio license

More Fall and Halloween Music:

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