Guy Eye - Audience participation pieces piano solo by Wendy Stevens. Intermediate piano | | Intermediate audience participation spy piece

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New intermediate audience participation spy piece!

You’ve been asking for another audience participation piece for quite some time now since Mob Bop has been so popular! So, I’m more than excited to tell you about a new intermediate audience participation spy piece that involves the audience!

The features of this audience participation spy piece

I have played this piece an unusually high number of times – not to practice – but because it’s just so fun! Your intermediate students will love what it features:

  • A sneaky, mysterious sound
  • A big, and perfectly placed glissando that adds excitement
  • A unique rhythm dialogue between the audience and pianist
  • The big, grand, and driving ending

How can my student be fully prepared?

That’s a great question because we want this to be fun, not stressful for a student. Here are the things that will help them prepare or this audience participation spy piece:

  1. You get practice tracks with your purchase.
    The tracks are live recordings of people doing the tap and snap routine that’s called for in the music. These tracks can be used by you and the student to help ensure that they are prepared for playing with an audience. So there’s no reason to be scared that students won’t be able to play with the audience!
  2. You get 3 tempos of practice tracks.
    So even when the student is still learning the piece at a slow tempo, they can still always be practicing with the tracks since 3 different tempos are included.
  3. You get a bonus track.
    This bonus track includes the piano with the tapping and snapping so you can hear what they sound like together.
  4. Play with the music.
    Of course, you could require memorizing, but I don’t recommend it. The student playing this piece will have more variables than just performing a typical solo, so allowing them to use their music is a great idea.

How does an audience participation spy piece work?

Contemplative, Contemporary First Noel by Wendy Stevens is intermediate in level

It’s really quite simple and all the instructions (plus a script from which you can read) are included in the piece. But basically you stand in front of the audience (and behind the student’s back) and say a few words of explanation (these are included in the piece). Start tapping and the student can come in whenever they are ready!

Could I see other teachers doing these pieces?

Yes, there’s a great video of Marie Harris’ entire studio performing Mob Bop here (go to the bottom of the description). Marie told me that they all wanted to play the piece so badly that she decided to divide the RH and LH parts and make it an ensemble concert at the mall!

Watch the intermediate audience participation spy piece here:

Audience Participation Spy Piece by Wendy Stevens

Guy Eye

  • 1 Piano solo (digital PDF)
  • Cover (we always include that)
  • Bonus mp3 recordings of the audience participation tapping and snapping at 3 different tempos

Studio licensed – So you can make prints of both of these pieces for yourself AND any students you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching!

$9.99  Studio license

Audience participation Spy Piece and Audience Participation elementary piece by Wendy Stevens

Bundle: Guy Eye + Mob Bop

  • 1 Guy Eye Piano solo (digital PDF)
  • 1 Mob Bop solo (digital PDF)
  • The Guy Eye Cover (we always include that)
  • Mob Bop Cover (we always include that)
  • Mp3 recordings of audience clapping and tapping

Studio licensed – So you can make prints of both of these pieces for yourself AND any students you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching!

Guy Eye + Mob Bop
$19.98  $18.50 Studio license

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