Magic Valley MTA Followup

Thank you for attending the Magic Valley Music Teachers Association's meeting featuring "The Best Stress-free Business Practices for Your Studio!" I hope you found the recorded workshop to be helpful as well as the live Q&A. Below, you will find links to articles and resources that further discuss many of [...]

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New Music Combining Rhythm Cups Choreography + Audience Participation!

Add Take Me Out to the Ball Game to Cart $12.99 $11.99 Studio license Includes piano music, 3 levels of cup-tapping choreography, 6 mp3 accompaniments New Music Combining Rhythm Cups Choreography + Audience Participation Yes, you read that right! I've taken the two most popular [...]

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New Intermediate Audience Participation Spy Piece!

 $9.99 Studio license Add to Cart New intermediate audience participation spy piece! You've been asking for another audience participation piece for quite some time now since Mob Bop has been so popular! So, I'm more than excited to tell you about a new intermediate audience participation spy piece that [...]

New Editable Christmas Recital Template Package!

Add to Cart $7.99  Studio license (sale for a limited time) New Editable Christmas Recital Template Package! Christmas is my favorite time of year. It's definitely the magical and beautiful times, but it's also the one that can be easily sabotaged by commercialism, busyness, and exhaustion. [...]

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What could “Meanwhile” be about? NEW Piece!

$9.99  $8.99 Studio license Add to Cart What could "Meanwhile" be about? Do you remember when I talked about retroactive inspiration? It's happening more and more to me these days where I write a piece and I'm not quite sure what it's about initially. I compose it slowly, [...]

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Fall Piano Teaching Ideas – 2017 edition

Fall Piano Teaching Ideas 2017 Fall is my favorite time of year! And there's no end to the wonderful fall piano teaching ideas that are out there. You can search for hours on the ComposeCreate site and find lots of ideas, but I want to make it easy for [...]

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Summer 2014 Piano Teaching Learning Opportunities

Now that spring break is over, I'm sure you are thinking about your summer plans. Why not put a piano teaching seminar, workshop, or conference on your agenda? No, not the ones where someone is trying to sell you something, but the ones that are designed to equip you to [...]

Batman’s Carol of the Bells – the boys will love it!

If you are not between the ages of 10 and 18, you might, like me, think that "creepy" would be an offensive way of describing a piece you had composed. But read this little story that a fellow teacher gave me permission to share and you'll see why I'm smiling: [...]