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New Beginner Rote and Reading® Piece That Kids Will Love!

Last year, I had a teacher tell me that one of her students had a pig for a pet. I loved imagining what this was like! In addition, I also received several requests for music about farm animals.

So I set out to compose a set of beginner Rote and Reading® pieces that I knew kids would love. It’s a series about barnyard animals called Barnyard Fun (coming soon). I have to say that this is one of my favorite series of beginning pieces.

Today, I’m releasing the first and easiest piece in this new series called “Dancing Cows.”

Dancing Cows is hilarious and teaches an important lesson.

My kiddos are constantly singing this around the house. And my elementary age daughter even taught this to her cousins while they were here for Christmas break. I love hearing them sing it because it teaches an important lesson to kids: Just like the cows learn – Enjoy what you are doing and don’t worry about what others think! [Watch the video to hear the lyrics.]

Advanced concepts introduced in a very easy way!

Early Elementary ComposeCreate order of pieces New Beginner Rote and Reading® Piece That Kids Will Love!

This early elementary piece, unbeknownst to the student, explores a variety of skills including:

  • Chromaticism
    Yes, students play a little chromatic scale in each of the verses!
  • Transposing
    Usually when we assign students to transpose a piece, it’s after they have learned the piece. So it often gets overlooked as just an “extra” assignment. But Dancing Cows, puts the modulation and transposing in the piece so that students get exposed to it in a very easy way.
  • Exploring the keyboard
    This especially explores the black keys, but it also explores different registers and white keys too.

Bonus recordings included

When you purchase this new beginner Rote and Reading® piece, you 3 mp3s of the piece at 3 different tempos. You are welcome to send these home to your students so that they can hear the song throughout the week as they practice.

Watch the beginner Rote and Reading® Dancing Cows piece:

What’s included in Dancing Cows

  • 1 Piano solo + teacher duet (digital PDF)
  • Cover (we always include that)
  • Bonus mp3 recordings of the piece at 3 different tempos

Studio licensed – So you can make prints of both of these pieces for yourself AND any students you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching!

$9.99  $8.99 Studio license

Beginner Rote and Reading piece that kids will love

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