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New Series of Pieces – If you liked “Up Sandy Ripple Road…”

One of my favorite pieces that I was able to compose to be published by Willis Piano Music is “Up Sandy Ripple Road.” This piece was inspired by the intriguing writing of Wendell Berry, who has been lovely in giving the world beautiful stories that slow us down and make us hear, feel, and even smell things in a new way. Though it’s easy, I love to just sit down and play it because it tells a beautiful story.

Well evidently, it’s spoken to a lot of you as well because it’s one of my most popular printed pieces (with the exception of NFMC pieces). Many times, an order comes through for not one, but multiple prints of “Up Sandy Ripple Road.” So I know you and your students are loving it too. Perhaps it will get on the NFMC list this next go around!

But because I loved this piece so much, I wanted to write a whole series of music similar to “Up Sandy Ripple Road” that tell stories of beautiful places in which beautiful things happen. And I found a set of lovely watercolors to use for the covers!

Elementary MusicThe new series tells of beautiful places where beautiful things happen.

Today, we’re releasing the first in this “Beautiful Places” series called “In Miller’s Meadow.” It’s an easy elementary piece where only one note plays at a time, often going back and forth between the right hand and the left hand. The smallest note value is a quarter note.

Bonus recordings included

Because so many of you have asked, I have included an mp3 recording that comes with your purchase. You are permitted to send this to any of your students to whom you are teaching the piece to help them learn it. The recording does not have my voice on it as the video does.

What do you see? What do you feel?

As I play, I see sunny skies peppered with a few puffy clouds and breathtaking wildflowers of many colors. I see myself lying in the meadow and feeling the cool green grass between my toes. My body relaxes and I am at peace.

Take a listen and see what story you hear and feel.

In Miller's Meadow - tender elementary piano solo by Wendy Stevens especially good for adult piano students |

What’s included:

  • 1 Piano solo (digital PDF)
  • Cover (we always include that)
  • Bonus mp3 recording of the piece (no voiceover)

Studio licensed – So you can make prints of this pieces for yourself AND any students you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching!

$9.99  Studio license

Studio license bundle - In Miller's Meadow and A Distant Blue, Elementary piano solos by Wendy Stevens |

What’s included:

  • In Miller’s Meadow piano solo (digital PDF)
  • Cover of In Miller’s Meadow
  • Bonus mp3 recording of In Miller’s Meadow (no voiceover)
  • A Distant Blue piano solo (digital PDF)
  • Cover of A Distant Blue
  • Studio license – So you can make prints of these pieces for yourself AND any students you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching!

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