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Bundle: In Miller’s Meadow + By the Blue-green Bay

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This discounted elementary bundle contains two reflective, melancholy pieces especially suitable for the older beginner: In Miller’s Meadow and By the Blue-green Bay.



Studio Use License – The pieces in this bundle come with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This discounted bundle contains In Miller’s Meadow and By the Blue-green Bay. Both of these pieces are elementary and are especially appealing to the older beginning piano student. Both pieces are full of emotional nuance and give students an opportunity to be very expressive in their playing. 

Levels and Details

By the Blue-green Bay features a comfortable 5 finger G hand position. There are easy patterns in the RH in the A section while the left hand moves down and up by step in a fifth. The mixolydian sound of the B section is a lovely contrast. The damper pedal is used, but only roughly ever 4 measures.

In Miller’s Meadow is elementary and features only steps and fifths. The smallest note value is a quarter note. The damper pedal is used, but is only lifted one time.

The “In Beautiful Places” Series

Both of these pieces are a part of the growing “In Beautiful Places” series. The seed of this series was planted upon the creation of Up Sandy Ripple Road which was inspired by the critically acclaimed author, Wendell Berry. If you love either of these pieces, you’ll also love In Miller’s Meadow and Up Sandy Ripple Road. [Note: Sandy Ripple Road is only available as sheet music, not as a studio license digital download.

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1 review for Bundle: In Miller’s Meadow + By the Blue-green Bay

  1. Dr Saylor

    Looking forward to having kids learn these. They are as described, and Miss Wendy gives an accurate representation in her youtube. Try them! your students may be surprised. I had on who said ‘oh yuk’ to a different piece, but after spending time on it, she found that she really loved it (Deep Blue)

    I rated it a 4 because some of the students who i have learning it still are working on some of the accidentals and the patterns can be confusing for a beginner who is still overwhelmed by the size of the full 88 keys. but They are great, learning is quick, and all of my students like learning the pieces i have chosen

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