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Bundle: In Miller’s Meadow + A Distant Blue

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In Miller’s Meadow is an elementary solo that sings of sings of sunshine, inspiring clouds, breathtaking wildflowers, and grace and peace.



Studio Use License – The pieces in this bundle come with a studio license and is a fantastic value as they can be used for as many students as you directly teach!

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This bundle of beautiful pieces is especially appealing to your sensitive students who love to play beautiful music, melancholy teens and adults. Both pieces are elementary and are easy to read and fall naturally under beginning students’ hands. The pieces do not require hands together playing (except at the end of In Miller’s Meadow” and are mostly single note melodies passed between the hands. But there is an extreme depth of sound in each of these pieces that makes any elementary student sound much more advanced and mature as they play. 

Details of each piece:

  • In Miller’s Meadow – This slow moving piece is in C position and features only steps and 5ths. The damper pedal is used throughout and only lifts one time. The smallest note value is a quarter note. There are some ties across the bar line.
  • A Distant Blue – This best-selling piece also falls easily under the hands. There is a bit more movement as the LH crosses over in an easy way (to almost always the same note). The haunting sound of A Distant Blue is achieved through a lesser known scale. The smallest note value is a quarter note.

Both are studio licensed!

Both of these pieces come as a studio license which means that you are licensed to print and use this with as many students as you directly teach. It’s like getting an unlimited supply of two pieces of beautiful music.

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3 reviews for Bundle: In Miller’s Meadow + A Distant Blue

  1. Janet Limoges

    Excellent! I have two students learning them right now and they love them! It’s great to have easier songs that sound good for students. It encourages them to play for the enjoyment of making music! So rewarding for them!

  2. Jon Sanford

    I introduced these pieces to several teen beginners in my studio last week. They loved having something to play that sounded more impressive than the pieces in their method books. The students were able to catch on quickly which was very motivating for them!

  3. Angie Jacobson

    Both of these pieces have been a God send for me! I have given “A Distant Blue” to several boy students, each different ages, but all students who wanted something “fancy” to play. They are all loving it! One of the boy’s moms wrote a few days ago and said she can’t sleep nights because that tune keeps going over and over in her mind. (A great sign that he is practicing a lot!)

    I have given “In Miller’s Meadow” to two beginners who are teenage students, and they are a little challenging, but the students are working through them, and enjoying playing something “sophisticated” sounding rather than just the easy kindergartenish sounding pieces in beginner books. Thank you so much for all of the fun music you write, for the fun videos, and also for the teaching tips. I have learned and been reminded of many things since subscribing to your emails.

    This past week’s tip about making sure the students feel capable before they leave lessons, and how that can motivate (instead of overwhelm) really struck a “chord” with me. My studio is getting some really great updates and fun new ideas from you, Wendy Stevens!

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