Bundle: Mermaid Wishes + Unicorn Gliding

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This discounted bundle includes the magical sounding Unicorn Gliding and Mermaid Wishes. Bonus coloring sheets and audio tracks included!



Studio Use License – The pieces in this bundle come with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This bundle contains 2 pieces from the growing set of beautiful pieces about mythical creatures. Both pieces come with their beautiful covers, lyrics, and bonus coloring sheet. Each piece is carefully edited and fingered to help young and elementary students master the pieces with ease. 

Piece Levels:

Mermaid Wishes

Mermaid Wishes is elementary level with the smallest note value as the quarter note. The piece is mostly steps, skips and repeated notes with a few fourths. Hand crossings are easy as the left hand always plays a C#. The damper pedal is used for the entire piece, but never has to be lifted. There are F and C sharps in the piece, but these are indicated next to each note and not as a key signature. 

Unicorn Gliding

Unicorn Gliding is early elementary with the smallest note value as the quarter note. The piece consists mostly of steps, skips and repeats. The left hand crosses the right hand and always plays the same notes. The damper pedal is held down, but never lifted.

Bonuses included:

This bundle contains the following bonuses:

  • Coloring sheets – There is a bonus color page in each file.
  • Recordings – There is an mp3 recording of the performance of each piece.

2019 New Release Bundle Mermaid Wishes by Wendy Stevens

What is a studio license?

This bundle is a studio-licensed bundle which permits the purchasing teacher to make as many prints as they ever need for piano students they directly teach. This is not a multi-teacher license, so it can only be used by one teacher. However, the music and bonus can be used by as many students as the purchasing teacher directly instructs on a regular basis.

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2 reviews for Bundle: Mermaid Wishes + Unicorn Gliding

  1. Marie Hershey

    I had 3 girls in a class learn these songs. They loved both of them and told me they were calming, easy, and sounded magical. The unicorn song sounded like it was really gliding. They also liked the way the mermaid song moved over the piano. As a teacher, I found them easy to teach as they sounded more difficult than they actually were. Girls especially like unicorns and mermaids so they were thrilled to learn these songs.

  2. Mona Houser

    My little girls all loved Unicorn Gliding. One of them even included it in her Guild Program. And they are all looking forward to leanring the Mermaid Song soon.

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