Bundle: Meanwhile, A Sacred Space

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This discounted bundle includes the early intermediate A Sacred Space and intermediate Meanwhile.



Studio Use License – This bundle comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This discounted bundle includes the stunningly beautiful piano solos A Sacred Space and Meanwhile. The solos are sure to capture the hearts and minds of those who play and those who hear. Here are details about each of these pieces: 

More about A Sacred Space

This piece has been used in all kinds of tender settings. From recitals to funerals to church services, and even to a social workers meeting in which the spirit of the entire meeting was changed, this piece has depth in its simplicity. A Sacred Space is especially engaging for those that are emotionally mature, particularly teens and adults but can also be used to help teach beautiful nuance to younger students.

More about Meanwhile

Meanwhile is a mid-intermediate piano solo that is happy sounding but tinged with melancholy. The piece is about all of those special moments in life that we don’t even notice, but which bless our lives every day. Smiles and happy sounds from children, the scampering of squirrels in the trees, the mysterious process of photosynthesis that causes flowers to bloom and trees to flourish, and of course, the sunrise which graces our lives every day with little thanks. We are blessed by all of these things even when we don’t notice. But when we do, the blessing increases ten fold.

Meanwhile falls easily in the hands and begins in C Major. Borrowing many chords from other keys, this piece is a fresh harmonic blessing to those who play.

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5 reviews for Bundle: Meanwhile, A Sacred Space

  1. Ann Clem

    What a deal! By purchasing the Bundle of Meanwhile and “A Sacred Space” you have as many copies as you want for your Studio. “A Sacred Space” is a very accessible and beautifully harmonized piece that moves around the piano making the student feel quite accomplished. It is an Early to Mid-Intermediate level.

    “Meanwhile” is an Intermediate level piece giving a variety of harmonization, but returning to the Consonant harmony for centering. It is a good piece for using accessible 6/8 time signature.

  2. Karen Amberson

    I’m so glad I purchased this bundle! It’s perfect for so many occasions. My girl piano students in particular, love the beauty and expression of these pieces. I may even use them myself for pre-wedding music, or some such suitable setting.

  3. Priscilla

    like both pieces, a sacred space is in fact one of my favourites

  4. Catherine Pederson

    Both pieces “Meanwhile” and “Sacred Space” have worked perfectly for two young teen age girls in my studio. They both like to play in church and these pieces work perfectly for this – as well as recital pieces which are just coming up. Each piece offers excellent opportunity for expressive – and accessible playing and performance at different levels.

  5. Katie

    Both of these pieces are beautifully written! The rich harmonies and delicate textures make these pieces sound mature and worthy of any performance. I highly recommend this bundle!

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