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Cascading is a peaceful yet exciting piece that builds to a beautiful, passionate climax.


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Cascading is about that miraculous current of beauty that is above and beneath and surrounding us every day. Its gentle flow in compound meter captures the intricacy of beautiful things and yet displays the simplicity as well. The piece features a beautifully contrasting B section which widens into a lovely climax that falls gently back into the current of the main theme.  

Leveling of Cascading

Cascading is labeled as an intermediate solo, but it is written in a way that falls naturally under the hands. Like its companion piece Meanwhile, Cascading is mostly early intermediate with only a 6-8 measure portion that is mid intermediate. But even a late intermediate pianist or an advancing pianist will enjoy playing this very sophisticated and beautiful piece. 

The meter of Cascading is 6/8 with a 4/4 B section. The piece is mostly in G Major with a small section in A Major at the end.

Who will enjoy Cascading

Intermediate through advancing students or even teachers looking for an exquisite sounding piece to play will enjoy the beautiful flowing feel. The harmonies are fresh and not predictable, but appealing to all ears.

Thoughts on the notation

Some pieces are much, much more easy to play than they appear on the page. This is one of those pieces.

There were multiple ways to notate this piece and we tried about 5 different ways, trying to keep stems pointing up when the RH played and stems pointing down when the LH played. However, this visually disturbed the “feel” of 6/8 and thus would be difficult to demonstrate to the student the need for only 2 beats in a measure. In the end, we decided that beaming the eighths together in 6/8 was most important, but the fingering should show the student what “hand position” to use and thus how to easily do this pattern.

Feel free to show your student how to play this first pattern by rote first. Once they “feel” where there hands are going to be throughout the A section, it will be very easy to follow the music.

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4 reviews for Cascading

  1. Lois Ricciardi

    I have a student who is loving working on this piece. She has almost completed learning it, and will be memorizing it. I feel that it takes a middle or high school student to appreciate all that is happening in this piece.

  2. Ellen Berry

    My high school student is enjoying working on this piece, responding to the many different colours. I, too, like to play it!

  3. Narayanan M

    My piano teacher suggested this piece for my recital. I am a beginner adult piano enthusiast who loves smooth melodious music. This was a perfect one for me and I love every bit of the music.
    I am glad that I will finally have something to play to my parents and friends. It is pushing my limits as a beginner, but it is close to my heart now ! Thanks Wendy !!

  4. Beth Syverson

    Really pretty piece! I play it myself for my church job. 🙂

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