A Sacred Space

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Capture the special moments in your life with A Sacred Space. Stories continue to come in about its moving power.


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A Sacred Space is a beautiful, early intermediate piano solo that helps capture the feeling of special moments in your life. You know, those moments when you can imagine beautiful music playing in the background? That’s what A Sacred Space is for.

It’s already been used by a number of teachers and pianists for church, recitals, special moments, and memorial services. There’s just something about it that can’t be explained with words. You can also read more about the retroactive inspiration for this piece.

A moving story about A Sacred Space

Sometimes I grow immune to the power of music. It’s like a miracle that we get to experience every day and so it’s easy to miss its power and strength. But I wanted to share this story with you to remind you about how you play a big part in these miracles that happen every day! This story about A Sacred Space comes from Liz Bridges, a lovely piano teacher making a big difference!

I have an adult beginner who practices so hard. He’s only been playing about 9 months but I gave him this piece and he has really mastered it and plays from memory.

So last week this guy was at a meeting in a hotel. None of his colleagues know he plays, but when they enter the reception there’s a grand piano in the room, also about 100 people…. The friend joked ‘play us a tune Robert’…

So Robert takes off his jacket, sits down and plays the piece for this packed audience and at the end gets a great round of applause!!

The twist in the tale is that Robert is a social worker who looks after children in danger and abusive situations. The meeting was to decide about taking a young child from her family for her protection.

Robert’s solo took place just before the meeting began and when everyone was seated, the head of the meeting called him out and thanked him for setting such a calm and wonderful energy in the room for the difficult challenge they were all about to face.

A Sacred Space was the piece that set the lovely spirit of this meeting.

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11 reviews for A Sacred Space

  1. Theodora Carr

    I performed “A Sacred Space” in a memorial service for my adult student whose mother passed away recently. This is a very special piece. It was a perfect touch to a life well lived.

  2. Sigrid Britton

    Beautifully written, soulful and reflective, and the musical expression of a deeply meaningful place in the composer’s own life. Rewarding for an intermediate student to play.

  3. Michelle Galindo

    Your “Sacred Space” song was a pupil-saver for one of my 80-year old students who thought she was getting to old to play.  She loves the song and now calls it her signature piece.

  4. Helen Haynes

    A Sacred Space was perfect for our Easter communion. It was easy enough to learn very quickly and still allow me to be worshipful as I played.

  5. Janelle Bracken

    I gave “A Sacred Space” to a seventh grade girl who is very busy and normally doesn’t practice past the section that we marked off to practice. You know those students— practice up to the mark and not a bar beyond? 😊 But she loved it so much that she went all the way to the end and pretty much has it under her fingers already! I don’t think she practiced anything else on her assignment this week, but I couldn’t complain, as she had done such a lovely job, and is thoroughly enjoying A Sacred Space. I praised her up and down, and her smile was wide! She’s got a spring recital piece she loves, and you’ve got a winner of a piece.

  6. Lydia Megale

    I love the lyrical lines and flowing tempo which adds to the beauty of this piece. I am excited to showcase this piece at our annual recital this June. It will be a new, refreshing selection that the audience has not heard yet.

  7. Diane Hertzler

    “Sacred Space” gets 5 *’s in my opinion. It has been embraced by my one student exactly as you had described – – I believe you mentioned it would be nice for relaxation and sort of losing oneself in the moment in that beautiful piece. My one student physically “changed” when she leaned forward and began playing it for me – – her face reflected a peaceful but focused attention to the beauty she was hearing as she carefully but freely played. She and the music seemed “wedded” for the moment.
    Later her mother told me she played it at church for an offertory and various people mentioned how she had played with such feeling. Thank you for that piece Wendy – – I’ll be using it many times in the future!

  8. Teresa🇨🇦

    This piece was well received by my young teen who is working towards being a church musician. I’m sure she will play it ias part of her repetoire collection for years to come. Thank you for composing such an expressive piece.

  9. Melissa Toedtman

    My intermediate students are enjoying “Loch Ness Quest”, ” Meanwhile”, ” Sacred Space”, and ” Joyful, Joyful”. The syncopated rhythms are just challenging enough to make them count, but patternistic enough really get in their ears and muscles. They love the drama! They are able to read through them in their lesson and leave with the confidence that they can work on them at home – and they do because they are having fun!

  10. Stephani

    I know that magical things happen with your music all the time, whether that’s interest being rekindled in piano lessons due to that perfect song, or finding the perfect recital piece, or just a pianist finding peace and enjoyment as they play your music. I just wanted to let you know that this coming weekend more magic will happen. I’m playing music for a wedding, and I played “Everything Made New” for the bride and she loved it. That will be their recessional song. “A Sacred Space” will also be in there somewhere, possibly for bridesmaids (depending on how much time we need) or prelude. Thanks again for such great songs!

  11. Susan

    So mild so comforting

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