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Up Sandy Ripple Road is profoundly simple. The compelling melody will leave both pianist and audience in a reflective and peaceful state.

Up Sandy Ripple Road Music Sample:

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Up Sandy Ripple Road is a sophisticate sounding piece. But it’s simplicity is stunning. Beginning piano students can play the one note at a time melody and sound like they are playing the sound track of a movie! This compelling melody will leave both pianist and audience in a reflective and peaceful state.

What is the level for Up Sandy Ripple Road?

Up Sandy Ripple Road is an early elementary piano solo. It is perfect especially for adult and teenage beginning piano students who want a mature sound as they play. Students are ever only required to play one note at a time, making it very easy. With the pedal down and the unique harmonies, this piece sounds mature and sophisticated for all ages.

What inspired Up Sandy Ripple Road?

I love the fiction of Wendell Berry. He has such a way of saying things so simply, yet profoundly. His fiction has such a depth of character and is so developed. His stories often have the same people in them, so you feel like you get to know them in many different contexts. He also has a lovely way of naming places like roads and towns and Up Sandy Ripple Road is just the kind of road about which he writes.

Reading Wendell Berry has a way of calming you down and making you take a breath. I hope this piece does the same thing for all who play it.


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3 reviews for Up Sandy Ripple Road – Printed Sheet

  1. Amy Chaplin

    I have a 3rd grade student playing “Up Sandy Ripple Road,” and this student told me in lessons tonight she was (and I quote) “literally obsessed with that song.” LOL

  2. Christina Whitlock

    I have an adult male students playing this and last week, he said, “This needs to be the music in a Juicy Fruit gum commercial!” He then went on to describe an entire scene of boy-meets-girl, etc.

  3. Charlene Dumas

    I ordered this piece of music for a teen beginner so that she would have a sophisticated sounding piece for this spring’s recital. She loves the piece and plays it well. It would also be a great piece for adult students looking for repertoire pieces to supplement their lesson studies. It’s a really pretty piece, and I enjoy playing it myself! (I’d love to see this piece become available digitally….as most of the Compose Create pieces are.)

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