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This arrangement of Amazing Grace is easy, yet very full sounding!


Bundle: Amazing Grace and Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee by Wendy Stevens |

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This beautiful arrangement of Amazing Grace is easy to play, but sounds full enough for adult students or any student wanting to make their playing sound mature. The setting begins simply, but unfolds into a big and grand sound that all ages of students appreciate.

What is the level of Amazing Grace?

This arrangement of Amazing Grace is mid-elementary. The only time eighth notes are used are in the melody, which is familiar enough to all students that they do not need to have the ability to “read” eighth notes to be successful playing these few eighths. Other than those few occasions of eighths in the melody, the smallest note value is a quarter note.

This Amazing Grace easy arrangement is notated in middle C position, so it is a familiar position to beginning piano students. Piano students hold the damper pedal down during the entire piece, giving it a fuller sound. Toward the end, the student moves their left hand to play a few deep fifths which activate so many of the upper harmonics. In turn, this make this a mature sounding piece for any piano student.

What ages and level of students will enjoy this Amazing Grace?

While this arrangement was written for mid to late elementary students, students of all ages and even more advanced levels can find it quite satisfying. Here is just one review from a teacher (there are more under the review tab):

I bought this Amazing Grace for my students taking lessons this summer and they absolutely loved it. The later beginners felt proud they could play something that sounded more difficult than it was, and early intermediates liked it because they could play it well after only a few practices!

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13 reviews for Amazing Grace Easy

  1. Kris

    I bought your Amazing Grace for my students taking lessons this summer and they absolutely loved it. The later beginners felt proud they could play something that sounded more difficult than it was, and early intermediates liked it because they could play it well after only a few practices!

  2. Jeananne

    I am using The Bold Escape, Amazing Grace, and Royal Invitation with my beginning college students! Mostly young men, and they LOVE them.

  3. Mindy Denigan

    I greatly appreciate the accessibility and artistry of this piece for young players!

  4. Denise West

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful arrangement of Amazing Grace! My student sometimes gets bored with pieces and changes them to her liking, but she didn’t do this with your arrangement….she plays every note with giddiness!

  5. Kelly Nicole Parker

    I love this arrangement of Amazing Grace!

  6. John Viljoen

    “A Bold Escape” and “Amazing Grace” are hits with my students. I look for good, engaging pieces for my students.  It’s gratifying to see a student absorbed and “into” a piece.

  7. Elizabeth

    A graceful and beautiful arrangement for a beginning student.

  8. Tara Kolker

    My 8-year-old student recently wrote on her goal sheet that she wants to play in church, and she mentioned wanting to learn Amazing Grace. I gave her this last week, and she loves it! She was able to sight read it pretty well, while still being challenged with moving her hands and playing accurately. It’s basically perfect for her. Thank you, Wendy, for creating such beautiful arrangements that are within the grasp of my students yet make them feel fancy and accomplished!

  9. Karen Hesterly

    I gave Amazing Grace to a student last week who has taken for several years. I had tried two other pieces but he seemed less than enthusiastic. This one he and his mother loved and he was able to go from tears to smiles playing it. It sounds big and he will be able to play it well at the recital. His mother told him “I want you to wake me up every day with that piece.” Wendy’s pieces with the sections they can play all over the piano by rote are perfect for the reluctant piano student. Her beginner rote pieces are not just for beginners. Once students learn what is coming, they are excited when I hand out one of her pieces.

  10. Bonnie Haskell

    My student requested Amazing Grace for one of her recital pieces. I searched for an arrangement at her level and was delighted to find this one. And she LOVES it! She is mastering it quickly and even though she usually struggles with stage fright, she is looking forward to her recital this year! Thank you!

  11. Beverley Haley

    This is a lovely piece to include in our recital – perfect for a beginning student!

  12. KHunter

    My students are loving this easy-sounds-hard “Amazing Grace.” Keep these ESH hymns coming, please?

  13. Carol

    We have just finished participating in the Hymn Festival here, a yearly event that is offered in our area. One of my student – 2nd year – played your arrangement of Amazing Grace! He has really enjoyed working on it and is planning to play it in a talent show this coming Wednesday. So I gladly give it 5 stars!

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