Come Christians Join to Sing

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This easy Come Christians Join to Sing piano arrangement features a mature sound that all ages of pianists will enjoy.


Bundle: Oh The Deep Deep Love of Jesus + Come Christians Join to SingFor more savings, click here to buy the discounted bundle.

Studio Use License – This single piece comes with a studio license and is a fantastic value as this can be used for as many students as you directly teach!


This easy Come Christians Join to Sing piano arrangement contains both beautiful nuanced and also deep and broad sounds. It’s a contemporary sound, but a sound that honors tradition. Elementary piano students play in comfortable positions but sound mature and accomplished no matter what their age. Movement around the piano is easy to navigate and makes elementary level students sound more advanced than their playing level. 

This piece is also known as “Join Now in Praise and Sing” and uses the MADRID hymn tune.

The Level of Come Christians Join to Sing

This easy Come Christians Join to Sing is mid to late elementary. The smallest note value is the quarter note. Student’s fingering features easy steps and skips in a 5 finger position. There are no finger crossings. Students can simply lift their hands to a new position and still sound smooth.

The pedal changes every two measures with a few sections of longer pedaling.

Students move around the keyboard, but in an easy way. Careful attention was given to keeping the left hand stationary when the right hand has to change position.

Fingering, dynamics, and articulation are included in this piece, making it a valuable teaching piece.

Easy Come Christians Join to Sing Bonuses:

This package is studio licensed which means that you can print and use it with as many students as you directly teach for your entire lifetime of teaching.

Come Christians Join to Sing also includes bonuses:

  • One version without lyrics
  • One version with lyrics
  • Free mp3 recording of the performance to send to students

Other easy, yet mature hymn arrangements:

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