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Halloween Piano Music

A very gracious and giving teacher has compiled a list of all the Halloween piano music pieces that she knows (with help from others…and it’s pretty extensive) and organized them according to level! Janet Harrison started this project for one of the piano teacher Facebook groups and I asked if she’d be willing to share it with my readers as well since not everyone is on Facebook. I’ll file this list with the other great repertoire lists on ComposeCreate.com (humorous music, pupil savers, duet music, world music, etc.) but wanted to make sure you know about it so you can print it off, take it to your music store, or just have it to consult as you place your order this year.  Thank you Janet for your very helpful contribution to piano teachers!

Halloween piano music for piano students divided into levels | composecreate.com

The Halloween Piano Music List to print

The amazing Halloween piano music list in blog form:

Pre-Reading Solos

  • Halloween is Coming Soon (Leaf) FJH
  • It’s Halloween (Leaf) (includes “Halloween Wind” and “Halloween Night”)
  • The Hungry Spider (Linn) Hal Leonard
  • Three Wishes (Olson)
  • Witches on Broomsticks (Leaf) FJH
  • Let’s Celebrate Halloween, Pre-Reading Level (McArthur – includes theory sheets!)

Pre-Reading Collection

  • In Recital “Ready, Set, Play!” (Marlais) FJH
  • Let’s Celebrate Halloween, Pre-Reading (McArthur) Alfred

Pre-Reading Autumn Theme Solos

  • Autumn Days (Leaf) FJH (includes “Colors of Autumn” and “Pumpkin Pranks”)

Early Elementary Solos

  • A Frightful Night (Leaf) FJH
  • A Scream on Halloween (Stevens) Willis (see YouTube video here)
  • Black Cats Waltzing (Alexander) Alfred
  • Dancing Shadows (April Hamilton)-see link at bottom*
  • Halloween Costumes (Gerou) Alfred
  • Halloween Surprise (Bennett) Willis
  • Happy Halloween Night (Alexander) Alfred
  • Hurry Halloween (Kowalchyk) Alfred
  • Something in My Piano 3D 300Look at the Witches (Greenleaf) FJH
  • Monster Talk (Linn) Hal Leonard
  • Night Sounds (Bober) Alfred)
  • Shout Boo! (Faber)
  • Something in My Piano (Stevens) ComposeCreate.com
  • Spooky Sound (April Hamilton) see link at bottom*
  • The Alien in My Tree House (Matz) Alfred)
  • The Candy Nabber (Stevens)(Willis)  (see YouTube video here)
  • The Cat in the Halloween Hat (Leaf) FJH
  • The Perceptive Detective (Miller) Willis
  • The Witch Who Lost Her Broom (Klose) Hal Leonard
  • Trick or Treat (April Hamilton) see link at bottom*
  • Trick or Treat Waltz (Kowalchyk) Alfred
  • Witch on a Super-Speed Broom (Mier) Alfred (also in Halloween Favorites Bk 1 and Best of Martha Mier Bk 1)
  • Zoom, Zoom, Witch’s Broom (Faber) Hal Leonard also in Gold Star Performance Primer Book

Elementary Solos

  • A Ghostly “Tail” (Olson) FJH
  • Accidental Wizard (Keveren) Hal Leonard
  • A Scary Sound (Brown) FJH
  • A Sweet Trick or Treat (Matz) Alfred
  • A Pirate’s Life (Leaf) from “A Leaf Collection”
  • Beware of Ghosts (Goldston) Alfred
  • Creeping Footsteps (Leaf) FJH
  • Creepy Creaky Sounds (Mier) Alfred
  • Halloween Boo! (Bober) FJH
  • Halloween Caper (Bober) Alfred
  • Halloween Comes Once a Year (Greenleaf) FJH
  • It’s a Mystery (Bober) Alfred
  • It’s a Scary Night (Alexander) Alfred
  • Jumpin’ Pumpkins (Aaronsen) Alfred
  • Midnight Shadows (Mier) Alfred
  • Monster March (Linn) Hal Leonard
  • Monster’s Midnight March (Faber – Gold Star Performance Book 1) Hal Leonard
  • Skeleton Dance (Hauber) Alfred
  • Skeleton in My Closet (Rossi) Alfred
  • Tarantula’s Twist (Pulju) FJH
  • The Ghost Next Door (Poe) Alfred
  • The Ghost Who Couldn’t Say “Boo!” (Montgomery) Alfred
  • The Piano-Playing Skeleton (Olson) FJH
  • The Runaway Pumpkin (Greenleaf) FJH
  • The Worst Ghost (Greenleaf) FJH
  • Things That Go Bump In The Night (Klose) Hal Leonard
  • Trick or Treat Suite (Demarest) Alfred  (INCLUDES:  Trick or Treat and Black Cat’s Waltz)
  • What Should I Be for Halloween? (Skye Garcia) Alfred
  • You Don’t Scare Me Now (Stevens) ComposeCreate.com

Elementary Collections

  • Let’s Celebrate Halloween Bk 1 (McArthur) Alfred

Elementary Autumn Theme Solos

  • Perky Turkey (Weston) Schaum
  • Pumpkin Patch (Lewis) Alfred
  • Turkey Talk (Costley) FJH

Late Elementary Solos

  • Black Cat Chat (Baumgartner) Willis
  • Black Cat’s Recital (Mier) Alfred
  • Broomstick Capers (Alexander) Alfred
  • Cat Prowl (Faber) FJH
  • Cool Ghoul (Rollin) Alfred
  • Corpse Bride (Elfman)
  • Creepy (Costley) FJH
  • Dance of the Spider (April Hamilton) (see AprilHamilton)
  • Flying Broomsticks (Vandall) Alfred
  • Ghosts Hiding (Goldston) Alfred
  • Ghost Waltz (McLean) FJH
  • Grumpy Old Witch (Alexander) Alfred
  • Halloween Dance (Sallee) Alfred
  • Halloween Haunt (Karp) Alfred
  • Halloween Hop (Rita) Willis
  • Halloween Shadows (Mier) Alfred
  • Halloween Witch (Karp) FJH
  • Happy Halloween Dream (Rita) Willis
  • Haydn’s Halloween Surprise (Jancewicz) Alfred
  • Jazzy Jack O’Lanterns (Poe) Alfred
  • Journey in the Night (Gillock) Willis
  • March of the Gnomes (Mier) Alfred
  • Merlin’s Dream (Otwell)
  • Monster Session (Noona) Heritage)
  • Musical Little Witch (Vandall) Myklas
  • Mystery at Blackwater Creek (Mier) Alfred
  • On Halloween (Lau) FJH
  • Pumpkin Boogie (Faber) in Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2B
  • Pumpkin Dance (Brown) FJH
  • Pumpkin Yard At Dusk (Perdew) Myklas
  • Sneaky Business (Mier – from “Jazz, Rags and Blues, Book 1”)
  • Sneaky Skeleton (Rollin) Alfred
  • Spider Dance (Karp) Alfred
  • Spooky Footsteps (Rollin) Alfred
  • Super Spy Guy (Eklund)
  • The Ghost (Beard) Hal Leonard
  • The Ghost of Cleopatra’s Cat (Wells) Alfred
  • The Moon Looked Down (Beard) Hal Leonard
  • The Notorious Pirate (Faber) FJH
  • The Prowling Pussy Cat (Noona) Willis
  • The Pumpkin Boogie (Alexander) Alfred
  • The Spider’s Bite (Vandall) Myklas
  • The Three Legged Witch (Alexander) Alfred
  • They’ll Be Back (Faber) Hal Leonard
  • Things That Go Bump in the Night (Bober) FJH
  • This Happy Halloween (Rita/Grieg) Willis
  • Twister (Stevens) Hal Leonard
  • Trick or Treaters March (Vandall) Myklas
  • Witches’ Brew  (Rollin) Alfred
  • Witches’ Waltz (Vandall) Alfred
  • Who’s that Hiding? (Sallee) Alfred

Late Elementary Duets

  • Broomstick Waltz (Kaplan) Willis
  • Creak, Rattle and Moan Duet Suite (Street) Heritage
  • Midnight Horseman (Eben) FJH
  • Pumpkin Patch Bop (Kunitz) Myklas
  • Secret Cave (Kunitz) Myklas
  • The Crickets Came to Dance (Kunitz) Myklas

Late Elementary Autumn Theme Solos

  • Autumn is Here (Gillock) Willis
  • Harvest Dance (Linn) Hal Leonard
  • October Leaves (Setliff) Wilis
  • October Night (Poe) Myklas
  • Scatterbrained Scarecrow (Stevens) Hal Leonard (see YouTube video here)
  • The Autumn Song (Olson) FJH

Early Intermediate Solos

  • Bats in the Belfry (Vandall) Myklas
  • Cat on the Prowl (Greenleaf) FJH
  • Chased to the Edge (Stevens) ComposeCreate.com
  • Cool Ghouls (Pease) Myklas
  • Flight in the Midnight Sky (Goldston) Alfred
  • Ghosts on the Run (Karp) Alfred
  • Goblins (Evans) Hal Leonard
  • Graveyard Tarantella (Vandall) Alfred
  • Howlin’ Halloween (Rollin) Alfred
  • Jack-o-lantern Jamboree (Mier) Alfred
  • March Macabre (Bober) FJH
  • March of the Goblins (Tingley) Alfred
  • Midnight Chase (Goldston) FJH
  • Midnight Escapade (Bober) FJH
  • Party Monster (McLean) FJH
  • Spider Dance (Bober) Willis
  • Tarantella Scarentella (Rollin) Alfred
  • The Ghost of Halloween Past (Alexander) Alfred
  • The Ghost Roams at Midnight (Currie) Willis
  • The Haunted Tree (Gillock) Willis
  • The Sorcerer (Matz) Alfred
  • Waltz of the Vampires (Matz) FJH
  • Watch Out for the Witch’s Cat (Brown) FJH
  • Would You Go In? (Faber) FJH

Early Intermediate Duets

  • Beethoven’s Ghost (Johnson) Alfred
  • The Legend of Pirate Pete (Olson) FJH

Intermediate Solos

  • Agent X (Bober) FJH
  • Apparition (Poe) Alfred
  • Black Cat Scherzo (Bober) FJH
  • Black Light (Maxner) from “The Color Collection” (see www.notekidds.maxner.ca)
  • Dance of the Scarecrow (Mier) Alfred
  • Descent into the Crypt (Poe) Alfred
  • Flight of the Witches (Greenleaf) FJH
  • Halloween Sonatine (N Faber) FJH
  • Moonlight Nocturne (Rollin) Alfred
  • Phantom of the Haunted House (Costley) FJH
  • The Midnight Ride (Skye Garcia) Alfred
  • Witch on the Wind (Byers) Hal Leonard

Intermediate Autumn Theme Solos

  • Autumn Glow (Mier) Alfred
  • Autumn Memories (Skye Garcia) Alfred
  • Autumn Moods (Rollin) Alfred
  • Autumn Nocturne (Alcon) Willis
  • Autumn Reflections (Tingley) Alfred
  • Autumn’s Air (Lewis) Alfred
  • Autumn Sunset (Springer) Hal Leonard
  • Autumn Sunset (Tingley) Alfred
  • Harvest Festival (Mier) Alfred
  • Hobobbin’ Hobgoblins (Pease)
  • Mice in the Attic (Clark) Hal Leonard
  • Oh Snap! (Eklund)
  • The Autumn Sky (Brown) Willis
  • Whispers of the Wind (Faber) Hal Leonard

Late Intermediate Autumn Theme Solos

  • Autumn Rain (Gerou) Alfred

Early Intermediate/Intermediate Autumn Theme Collections

  • Autumn Inspirations (Collection) (Tingley) Alfred
  • Tales of Mystery (Linn – entire book is good for Halloween!) Hal Leonard

Misc Halloween Duets

  • In the Hall of the Mountain King (Clark – duet sheet version)
  • The Addams Family & The Munsters Theme (Keveren – from “TV Theme Duets” book)
  • Phantom of the Opera (from Alfred Top Hits! Duets, Book 3)
  • Funeral March of a Marionette, In the Hall of the Mountain King, “Autumn” from Four Seasons (Keveren – from “Classical Theme Duets” book; has other good minor classics!)
  • The Phantom (Bober – intermediate)


  • Halloween at its Best (Book 1-3) collections of some of their Halloween songs by FJH
  • Halloween Favorites (Book 1-3) collections of some of their Halloween songs by Alfred
  • 5 Finger Halloween Fun (Gerou) Alfred
  • Faber Piano Adventures Gold Star Performance Books – each book has one or more pieces appropriate for Halloween
  • Famous & Fun Pop and Pop Duets Series (Matz) – include selections from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pink Panther, James Bond
  • Celebration Series Perspectives Books – each of the lower level books includes several unique Halloween pieces (the new editions of the books have even more than the old ones did!)
  • In Recital series has several (someday I will list them in more detail)
  • Happy Halloween (Sallee) collection of solos Schaum
  • Some of the methods have their own separate Halloween book (i.e. Piano Town, Music for Little Mozarts etc)
  • Various composer “Best of” etc series have various songs that can be used for the fall and Halloween.

Free Online Solos and games

Other Ideas

  • Play favorites in MINOR!

SheetMusicPlus’s list of Halloween Music

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