3 big new rhythm resources coming
3 big new rhythm resources coming + Download FREE sample of Rhythm Menagerie
3 big new rhythm resources coming + Download FREE sample of Rhythm Menagerie

3 Big New Rhythm Resources Coming!

I’m so excited to announce to you that we are going to be releasing 3 big new rhythm resources on August 29th, 2017! You can learn about just one of the resources by watching the video above.

These 3 big new rhythm resources all relate to the popular Rhythm Menagerie book that has has been and continues to be an incredible resource for teaching rhythm in the classroom and to private piano and instrumental students. Teachers from around the world have been using Rhythm Menagerie to get rhythm inside the bodies of their students so that it transfers to all of their music making activities. This is what some teachers have said about Rhythm Menagerie:

I would be tearing my hair out if it wasn’t for Menagerie and Manipulations. They have made my life so much better. After 6 months, two of my rhythmically challenged transfer students are beginning to play rhythms correctly the first time.
 Secondly, all my younger students now count automatically under their breath. It is amazing. No reminders needed; it is just part of their playing. I am amazed! Another girl, who had a serious rhythm issue, just couldn’t feel a steady beat even when walking, has a good internal beat. ~ W.H.

I love these! Each set meets a need for fun and rhythm. Seriously. They’re great.  ~ Diane Hidy

I have had so much success with the Rhythm Menagerie. It is hard to believe how eager they are to count out loud, tap, clap etc. It has been fabulous.  ~Theodora Carr

The book is so well designed in so many ways.  I used it with students as soon as I downloaded and they are having a lot of fun.  Especially high fiving and counting during one of the lessons. That brought a lot of laughs….  ~ Susan Hong

This is really a huge learning tool and lots of fun! EVERY elementary school should have this as a precursor to their band programs.   ~ Sheree Naquin

The 3 big new rhythm resources are all related to teaching rhythm even more effectively with Rhythm Menagerie. We’ve been working on these resources all summer long and they are beyond the scope of what we have done in terms of scale, design, and effectiveness.

Needless to say, I am so excited!

Download a FREE Sample of Unit 1

You can download a free sample of Rhythm Menagerie – the entire first unit by clicking the button below!

Next Video – August 24th

We’ll be releasing another video on Thursday to tell you more and explain how Rhythm Menagerie works and why it’s so effective.

Launch Day – Tuesday, August 29th!

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, August 29th when we’ll be releasing these 3 big new rhythm resources! We’ll have a huge, not-to-be-repeated sale plus a bonus for many who purchase!